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VPN Easy Review

Strong technical skills shouldn’t be essential to be able to use a VPN service. However, for those who are just discovering this technology, learning to use the software and understanding how it works can be challenging. This is why one of the most important things to look for in a VPN, particularly when you have never used one before, is ease of use. Getting a VPN that is designed to keep things simple and that offers a user-friendly interface will make a big difference in your everyday experience. VPN Easy, as the name suggests, is one of the providers that is focused on allowing customers to get around restrictions and add more security to their connection, in a simple, hassle-free way. Here we will take a look at the free Android app by ZPN, which currently enjoys a high rating in Google Play.

Security and Privacy

ZPN has extended experience creating VPN apps and apart from VPN Easy, it offers other solutions to bypass restrictions, including Free VPN Proxy. VPN Easy is also available for free and no registration is required to start using the service. You just need to download the app, install it and soon you will be able to enjoy its features. Now, when it comes to security, it has to be said that while the app claims that it encrypts and secures your internet connection, it doesn’t provide specific details about how this is done.

The app simply states that it offers protection when you use public WiFi hotspots, which are likely to be intercepted by hackers. With free VPNs, you always need to be cautious and take their claims of security with a pinch of salt. They may increase your security when you are using public WiFi hotspots, which are vulnerable to attacks. However, it is not advisable to trust a free VPN with information that requires a high level of privacy. You can use VPN Easy for secure general browsing and to bypass restrictions, but it is better not to use it for handling sensitive information.


VPN Easy is a no frills app that offers the basic advantages of a VPN such as the chance to overcome geographical restrictions and unblock popular apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube. You will be able to access content that is generally blocked in your location due to censorship or geographical restrictions. If you come across an error stating that certain website or app is not available in your location due to restrictions in your location, you can use VPN Easy to get around the blocks. Simply connect to a VPN server in other country to get a different IP address that enables you to access the content that you want. By changing your IP address, you can also enjoy online anonymity since your real location and identity won’t be exposed.

VPN Easy provides access to over 200 servers in more than 15 countries: Brazil, Japan, Romania Italy, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Netherlands, France, Canada, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain and Germany. The app is very easy to use and you can easily connect to a server, you can also select the application you want to unblock. The design of the interface is appealing and even if you haven’t used a VPN before, you will be able to get familiar with VPN Easy and the way it works, very quickly. If you just want an easy option to get around restrictions so that you can enjoy more content and access popular apps that are blocked in your location, VPN Easy is a good solution.


VPN Easy is one of the apps that Android users can rely on when it comes to protecting their data and bypassing restrictions. There are no complications using the app and you will enjoy flexibility to access a wider selection of content. VPN Easy may not be the most reliable solution if you want to ensure that your privacy is protected, but it works well and it will enable you to browse the internet with more freedom. Although lately users report some disconnection issues, in general the app seems to get the job done. You can change your IP address and boost your security when using public WiFi.