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How to install the best UFC Kodi add-on

The UFC has taken the world by storm over the last few years and its fanbase continues growing thanks to the action-packed Mixed Martial Arts events that it offers. Given that Kodi is a fantastic solution to access top entertainment from around the world, UFC fans can rely on this software to find an array of options to enjoy the best of the UFC. With UFC Finest, an add-on created by DetectiveKodi, you will be able to stream a great selection of UFC content. The add-on focuses on UFC events and allows you to enjoy live streams, Ultimate Fighter episodes, exclusive videos, the latest MMA news, documentaries and more. In this guide, you will find out how to install UFC Finest on Kodi so that you can watch a vast amount of UFC content.

It is worth keeping in mind that live broadcasts and UFC Main Card fights are subject to geo-location restrictions. This means that if you are outside the United States (or the supported region) and try to access the events, you will only see a message letting you know that the content is not available to you. In order to disguise your location and appear as if you were connecting from a region where the content is available, you can use a VPN service. With a VPN you will not only be able to stream UFC fights on Kodi without experiencing restrictions, you will also keep your identity protected. Your real IP address is hidden, preventing others from finding out your true location.

Although a proxy server also gives you the chance to bypass geo-blocks by disguising your IP address, a VPN is a better option because it also offers security. VPNs add encryption to your connection, keeping all your activities protected from eavesdroppers and hackers who want to intercept your data. Other people won’t be able to see what you do online. Thanks to the great combination of flexibility to bypass restrictions and protection for your online traffic, a VPN is an effective solution to enjoy online freedom and defend your privacy. Before going through the steps to install UFC Finest, take a look at the list of VPN services that provide strong protection and speed to ensure that you can watch UFC events without restrictions and without compromising your security.


ExpressVPN combines security and speed and thanks to its overall quality, it is considered one of the best services in the VPN industry. With ExpressVPN, you will be able to bypass any restrictions that prevent you from watching MMA events using UFC Finest on Kodi. They have servers in 94 countries, don’t log your online activities and their customer support is available 24/7.


VPNArea is also ideal for streaming online content and it offers a great variety of features that will enhance the security of your data. VPNArea has servers in 60 countries and it delivers fast performance to ensure that you can stream UFC events seamlessly. The provider also protects you from DNS leaks, IPv6 leaks and it has a solid no logs policy.


Another great option to defeat online restrictions and enjoy MMA action on UFC Finest is Buffered. This provider has earned a high place in the world of VPNs thanks to its advanced technology and efficient network of servers. Currently, they cover 37 countries and you can expect fast speeds. In addition, Buffered has a no logs policy that keeps your privacy protected.


PureVPN offers servers in 141 countries and it is recognized as one of the most reliable VPN solutions available. They don’t keep logs of your online traffic and provide a high level of encryption to defend your personal data. There are over 750 servers in PureVPN’s network and you can enjoy great speeds to watch live fights and a lot of UFC content, regardless of your location.

How to install UFC Finest Kodi

Once you are running a VPN on your device, you will be able to bypass restrictions and keep your identity protected. Here are the steps that you can follow to install UFC Finest on Kodi.

  1. Download repository.communityrepo-9.4.zip on your device and take note of the location where it was stored.
  2. Access Kodi on your device and click Add-ons from the left menu pane
  3. Click on the box icon that is located at the top left corned and then select Install from zip file.
  4. Find and install the zipped repository file that you previously downloaded. You will get a pop-up notification letting you know that the repository was added.
  5. Click on install from repository and select The Community Repository.
  6. Click on Video add-ons, then select and install UFC Finest Kodi. Once the add-on is installed, go to Video add-ons and select UFC Finest. You will now be able to watch a wide variety of MMA content and with the help of a VPN, you won’t have to worry about geographical blocks.

UFC Finest allows you to stream UFC fights, exclusive videos and a great selection of MMA events. There are many other great options available from community repository so you can enjoy endless entertainment. Make sure that you use a VPN when you access the best Kodi add-ons so that you can defeat restrictions, and protect your online traffic from online threats. A VPN opens the door to a world of entertainment and it also keeps your information private.