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How to play Tera using South Korea Nexon server from any location

It is possible to play Tera using a server in South Korea, regardless of where you are and all you need to do is to follow a few steps. In this article, you will find the steps required to enjoy the South Korean Nexon server of Tera, from any location. Before we go through the process, let’s take a look at why it is worth considering accessing Tera’s South Korean server.

Why should you consider playing on Tera South Korean server?

Tera was created by Bluehole Inc. and this 3D massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), which focuses on a world of fantasy, was released initially in South Korea. The server in that country was managed by Hangame, but in 2016, it was sold to Nexon and you can go to the official website http://tera.nexon.com/Main/Index.aspx to find the South Korean version. At the moment, there are servers in North America, Japan, Europe, China and other locations. Although the EU and NA servers are very popular, players in Asia and other locations are unable to access them because they are subject to geographical blocks.

If you try to access these servers from outside Europe or North America, you will be prevented to play because your IP address will be recognized. The same happens with the South Korean server and since this options offers the latest updates in items, classes and more, many players want to access it. The South Korean version of Tera features the most recent developments in the game so if you want to find out what is new in Tera before anyone else in your region, the best option is to access the South Korean server of the game. Otherwise, you will need to wait until the updates are launched in your region, which can take months.

How to get a Tera KR Nexon account

The first thing that you will need to do is to get a Tera South Korean account. Once you try to register, you will notice that you are asked to use an i-Pin or South Korean phone number to complete the registration process. If you have friends in South Korea, you can ask them to help you with these steps. However, if you don’t, the most convenient solution would be to purchase a Tear account from OBTGAME, you can find it in the following link https://www.obtgame.com/verified-tera-korea-safe-account.html

Keep in mind that you may have issues trying to log into the account from outside South Korea since your IP address will be checked and once it is confirmed that it is not in South Korea, your access would be blocked. Here is when a VPN will come handy because it will allow you to defeat the restrictions effectively. You can consider any of the below VPNs as they have servers in South Korea. By connecting to a server in that location, you will be able to disguise your IP address and will appear a if you were in South Korea, which will grant you access to the Tera South Korean version.


One of the best things about ExpressVPN is that it is incredibly fast. This provider is an ideal solution for bypassing restrictions and enjoying Tera with all the advantages that the South Korean server offers. ExpressVPN is secure, easy to use and no logs are kept of your online activities.


PureVPN offers a service that allows you to defeat restrictions and thanks to its impressive global coverage, you will be able to access content in over 140 countries. PureVPN is based in Hong Kong and it provides fantastic speeds, as well as strong encryption to protect your online traffic.

Private Internet Access

If you are looking for ab affordable solution to defeat restrictions without issues, consider Private Internet Access. While this provider only has servers in 25 countries at the moment, South Korea is one of the locations supported and all the other countries in the list host great content. PIA is secure and it offers decent speeds.

How to download and play KR Tera from outside South Korea

Once you have a South Korean Tera account, you can download the KTera client. It is important that you keep something in mind. If you have installed Hangame Tera client, make sure that you select the first button to download Hangame Tera update client. If you are juts getting started with Tera, download the South Korean client by selecting the second button. Then, go through the installation guide that shows you the steps to get the Ktera clinet. Once it is installed and updated, you can select the Game Start button to start playing Tera. It is advisable to use Internet Explorer as your browser to launch the game. Most South Korean games work well with IE. Another area in which a VPN can help is speed. Although VPNs can slow down your connection due to encryption, if you use a good service as the ones we recommend, you can experience better ping times.


The South Korean server of Tear offers the latest updates and more options than other servers, which is why it is worth considering playing Tera as if you were connecting from South Korea. This is possible by creating a KR Tera account and using a VPN to disguise your IP address.