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How to set up Dimitrology Repo

With the Dimitrology Repository, it is possible to get access to an impressive collection of libraries and plug-ins that include movies, documentaries, live TV streams and more. It is a solution that Kodi users definitely need to have. In this article, we will tell you how to set up the repo on Kodi so that you can enjoy access to all the amazing content that it offers.

1. Go to System ( the icon top left corner) from the home screen.
2. Here you will see the System menu window with a different appearance from previous Kodi versions. There are 11 menu items and here you need to locate and select the folder called File Manager.
3. On the right panel, scroll down and select the menu item that says Add source.
4. The Add File Source window will open. Now you can select the option that says
5. Now you will be asked to enter the paths of browse for the media locations. You need to enter the path just like this: http://dimitrology.com/repo

6. Once you are done entering the path, select OK to the right of the screen. You will have to give the media source a name. Click in the blank field under the “Enter a name for this media source” heading and enter this name: .dimitrology. Then select OK.

7. The next step is to enable downloading from an unknown source. If you have previously done this, you can skip the following steps and move to Step 13. If you haven’t enabled this option before, go back to your System window/menu again (step 1) and select System settings.
8. From the menu on the left, scroll down and select the Add-ons menu item
9. By default, Unknown sources is disabled. You need to turn it on by selecting the Unknown sources field.
10. After you have enabled Unknown Sources, you will see a pop up window, which warns you about the risks of using third-party add-ons.

Keep in mind that this warning is posted by the developers of Kodi since they don’t support third-party add-ons. Remember that Kodi is an open source media player that can be used by anyone and where independent developers can upload media sources and data. The source links used by third-party add-ons are available on the internet. Those behind these third-party add-ons are only redirecting the media to this shared source link. While there is a risk of malware or being vulnerable to online attacks when using these add-ons, most users don’t experience issues. Still, it is important that you check what other users say about an add-on before you install it. Once you are sure that you want to proceed with the add-on, select Yes and continue.
11. Go back to the home screen and select “Add-ons”.
12. Look for the Add-ons browser icon which is the one that resembles an open box. The location will depend on the skin or built you have, but in general, you can find it at the top of the screen. Select this icon.
13. From the menu to the right of the screen, find and select Install from zip file.

14. Now the install from zip file window will open. Search for the media source that you named before and select it. In this case, search for .dimitrology and select it.
15. Every repository/third party add-on has its own set of files included in the zip file. In this instance, there is a wide selection of repos available. Some work well, but others are not working. You will need to try them out to find out which ones you can use. Some options that are working at the moment are listed below: