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How to Install CyberFlix TV on FireStick

CyberFlix is similar and is considered as a close replica of Terrarium TV. Terrarium is a very popular and in-demand entertainment app. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued and looking for one that comes close to it is close to impossible until CyberFlix TV.

CyberFlix is impressive with it compatibility ability with dozens of sources and resolvers which provide high quality streams. Similar to Terrarium TV, CyberFlix comes with huge content in its library of movies and shows. In addition to that, the amazing thing about this entertainment app is it supports Real-Debrid integration and all you have to do is to sign in your account within the app settings. Once you have done so, you will be ecstatic to access tons of high quality streams.

Note: if you experience no data or blank screen while using CyberFlix TV, this could mean your ISP is blocking your access to the app. No worries, though, as you could still access and fix it easily by using VPN like ExpressVPN.

How to Install CyberFlix TV on FireStick

There are two ways or methods in installing CyberFlix TV and they are through the following:

  • Downloader App
  • ES File Explorer App

To install CyberFlix TV on FireStick, the first thing you will need to do is to prepare your device through the following steps:

1. Go to Settings menu of home screen of your FireStick/Fire TV device. This could be seen on the menu on top of the page.

2. Look for Device and click on it.

3. Open Developer options

4. Turn off the Apps from Unknown Sources.

5. When prompted click turn on.

6. Ignore the warning message when the app you are going to install is safe. It is recommended to turn off apps from unknown sources after installing CyberFlix TV.

Installing CyberFlix TV on FireStick Using Downloader

1. In the Downloader main-screen, click URL field on the right. 2. When a window pops up, type in the address, https://www.firesticktricks.com/cf

3. Click Go

4. Wait for downloader app to connect to server

5. Download CyberFlix TV APK on firestick.

6. Once downloading is complete, downloader will initiate installation process

7. Click next button found at the bottom right.

8. Scroll down and click Install button.

9. Wait for CyberFlix TV to install on FireStick.

10. Confirmation that the app is installed will appear

11. Click Done. Open the app a little later.

12. Back to the Downloader app, select Delete button. This will delete CyberFlix TV APK on FireStick. This is not required anymore and it is best to clear it for more space.

Installing CyberFlix TV on FireStick Using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is an amazing file manager app. It acts as both side-loader for FireStick and other Android devices. To download ES File Explorer from Amazon Store, all you have to do is:

  • Select the lens icon. You will find this on the search option found on the top left corner of FireStick’s home screen.
  • Type ES File Explorer
  • Click ES File Explorer on the search results portion
  • Follow onscreen instructions provided
  • Install the app.

Once you have installed ES File Explorer, you could now install CyberFlix TV:

1. Launch ES File Explorer

2. On the right portion, you will find a few icons, look for Downloader.

3. Click +New on the bottom of the page 4. Once a dialogue box pops up, type the address http://bit.ly/cybflix in the Path field then enter any name you wish on the name field.

5. Click Download Now.

6. Wait for ES File Explorer to download CyberFlix TV APK.

7. Click Open File

8. Click Install

9. Once you see Next button, scroll down and click install instead.

10. Wait for CyberFlix TV to install on FireStick.

11. Once it is installed, App installed notification will pop up. Click Done. This will bring you back to ES File Explorer app.

Once you have completed all the steps mentioned above, CyberFix TV is now installed on your FireStick. If you would like to delete APK, which we highly recommend that you do, follow the steps below:

1. Expand option Local found on the left menu.

2. Select second Home option

3. On the right side of the ES File Explorer window, open the download folder and select CyberFlix TV APK.

4. Press long the Select key on your FireStick remote

5. Click Trash icon

Install MX Player

Unfortunately, like Terrarium TV, CyberFlix TV has discontinued their built-in video player- the ExoPlayer. This means, you will need an external app to play videos and we highly recommend MX Player for CyberFlix TV.

These are the steps on installing MX Player using Downloader app:

  • Open Downloader * Click URL field and type in http://bit.ly/mxfire
  • Click Go
  • Follow the instructions prompted on the screen

If you are using ES Explorer:

  1. Open ES File Explorer
  2. Click Downloader icon found on the right
  3. Click +New found on the bottom of the page * Type the address http://bit.ly/mxfire on the path field
  4. Enter MX Player and any name you wish on the Name Field
  5. Click Download Now.
  6. Click Open file and install
  7. Click install again.


Before you start streaming, know that everything you stream will be visible to your ISP and government. Meaning, if you stream copyrighted content like movies and TV shows could put you into legal trouble. However, this could be bypassed through the use of a VPN. Through a VPN your browsing and streaming activities could be hidden from your ISP and government. We highly recommend ExpressVPN on FireStick, mobile and PC.

How to Access and Use CyberFlix TV on FireStick

1. Long press Home key on your FireStick remote until a pop-up menu appears.

2. Click Apps

3. Scroll down until you see CyberFlix TV app.

4. Move the app to the home screen by:

  • Selecting it
  • Pressing the menu key on you remote. Found on the three horizontal lines.
  • Once a pop-up menu appears, click Move.

5. Move app to one of the top three rows.

6. Go back to the home screen and run the app.

7. After the first run, CyberFlix TV will show you the Changelog window.

8. Click Ok.

9. You will be asked to choose default video player.

10. Click MX Player.

11. Click Accept on the disclaimer windom.

12. Click hamburger menu found on the top left corner and click the drop down.

13. Click movies to see the list of movies, etc.

14. On the drop down menu, you will find options such as Favorites, Downloads, TV Calendar, etc.

15. A tiny inverted triangle could also be found on the hamburger menu. Click sort the content by categories – Trending, New Shows, Recently Updated, Airing Today, Premieres and many more.

16. On the right top, you will find a search option – this button will allow you to look for something specific. Also, you will find another inverted triangle in this portion of the page. This button will let you sort TV shows by year.


…and that concludes our guide on how to install CyberFlix TV on FireStick. We hope you enjoyed reading and learned a lot of things in this article.