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SecureVPN Review

When you are connected to the internet, there is a lot of information accessed and shared. Regardless of the services that you use, it is likely that you need to provide personal details. This is why security is one of the most important aspects to consider when you are online. Using a VPN is an effective solution to enhance your online security and if you are looking for an option that allows you to protect your information without complications, SecureVPN may be what you need. This provider aims to keep things simple to ensure that even those who have never used a VPN before, can enjoy the advantages that this technology provides. In this review, we will find out how SecureVPN can help you to keep your online traffic safe and to defeat online restrictions.

Security and Privacy

SecureVPN aims to live up to its name by offering strong encryption to keep your internet traffic protected from threats like hacking and surveillance. Although they don’t offer much information about the security measures implemented, we found out that OpenVPN is supported and the encryption used is AES-256, with 4096 bit RSA keys used for exchange and SHa-512 HMAC. In addition to the VPN service, SecureVPN supports SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies, which are practical when you just need to disguise your location for general browsing. Just keep in mind that a VPN is the best choice when security is your main concern. SecureVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activities or use of the VPN service, but they would collect and disclose information if required by law. It should be noted that the provider operates under US jurisdiction, which makes it more likely to be approached by the likes of the NSA.


SecureVPN has dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Once you register for the service and provide the required information (such as name and email address), you will be able to download and install the relevant software on your device. The client has a simple design and offers basic functionality. You can easily chose the server you want to connect to, but advanced security features such as kill switch are missing. Still, SecureVPN passed DNS leaks tests without issues and it offers decent speeds for browsing, although usually, the best performance is obtained when using US servers.

Speaking of servers, at the moment, SecureVPN has connection options in over 20 countries including Netherlands, United States and Singapore. There is a free service available and it offers access to only certain locations (Netherlands, Luxembourg, India, Singapore and United States), as well as limited bandwidth and limited VPN session duration (20 minutes). The Premium service allows you to connect to all the servers in the network and to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and VPN session duration. It also gives you the possibility of using P2P and you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time.


As previously mentioned, there is a free plan that offers limited functionality. In order to get all the benefits of SecureVPN, the best option is to upgrade to the Premium plan. Unlike the free plan that restricts you to 1000 mb per month of data transfer and VPN session duration of 20 minutes, the Premium plan is unlimited and it supports P2P. One month of service costs $7.99 USD, but if you subscribe for a full year, the total cost is $49.99, which reduces the monthly cost to just $4.16. At the moment, they only seem to accept cards and PayPal, which is a major downside for users who prefer anonymous payment methods like Bitcoin.

Customer Support

The website is very simple and while it provides helpful details about VPNs in general, it lacks a great deal of information about the specific features of SecureVPN. The FAQ is very limited and there are no guides or other resources available. Once you create an account and log into it, you can submit a ticket. At the moment, this is the only way to contact the support team.


SecureVPN may be a good alternative for people who prefer a no frills service. However, the lack of detailed information about the service, the limited support and basic performance will disappoint those who want a strong level of protection and more flexibility to enjoy browsing, downloading or streaming. The price is not the cheapest or the most expensive you can find, but at the moment it doesn’t offer the best value for money considering how basic the service is. Still, SecureVPN could become a better option by simply addressing the issues in areas such as customer support and adding more features.