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Spotflux Review

While the official version of Spotflux is no longer available and the services were discontinued, it is still possible to download the software. Spotflux is set to provide online protection, helping users to enjoy the internet without compromising the security of their information. This VPN software promises to encrypt your internet traffic, allowing you to avoid eavesdroppers and hackers. You can browse the internet securely and without exposing your real IP address or location. The program can be installed within a few minutes and it can be used anywhere, although it is particularly recommended that you use it when you are connected to public WiFi networks. It works as other VPNs, by creating a secure connection between your computer and a remote server that connects to the internet on your behalf. This provides anonymity and security.

The encryption provided prevents others from finding out what you are doing online because all your activities are secured. In addition, your real IP address and location are hidden from prying eyes. Your real location will be masked and others will only see the location of the remote server that you are using to redirect your traffic. Online surveillance agencies, large corporations, hackers and other parties, are lurking online and they could compromise your security. You can keep your activities private with the help of a VPN and defend your data from online threats. As we mentioned, it is important to use a VPN when you are connected to public WiFi connections in places like coffee shops, hotels and public transport, as they are more vulnerable and are likely to be attacked by malicious hackers.

How can Spotflux help?

When your data is not secured, it is likely to be compromised by hackers. You can avoid this by using a VPN solution like Spotflux. Once you install this software on your device, your traffic will be encrypted. This means all your data will be scrambled so others won’t be able to find out what you are doing. All that they could see is encrypted data that doesn’t make any sense to them. All your online activities will be secured, including your chat conversations, emails and web browsing history. Spotflux stands out from other similar solutions due to the fact that it is free. There are no monthly charges involved and unlike other free VPNs, Spotflux doesn’t apply bandwidth restrictions. While having a free VPN sounds appealing, there are a few things to consider.

Is it really secure?

As you can imagine, even free things come with a price. Spotflux features ads and it lacks malware protection. In addition, you can’t expect blazing fast speeds, in fact, Spotflux is quite slow. As such, it is not a good solution for streaming, but to be fair, the app never claims to be the best choice for bypassing online restrictions. Spotflux offers an easy to use interface and the fact that it is free make it sound like a really convenient option to protect your privacy. However, you won’t get the same level of high security that you get from a fully established service that is investing on the latest technology to ensure that your information is not intercepted and that your real location is not exposed.

Even when Spotflux was operating its service (keep in mind that as we previously said, at the moment, only the software can be downloaded), the security that was in offer left a lot to be desired. Only one protocol was supported (OpenVPN), but the level of encryption was not high. The current program that can be downloaded doesn’t provide information about the encryption algorithm. In addition, there is no way to see information about the servers available. Although Spotflux is not designed as a way to bypass restrictions to get access to online content, it would still be good to have visibility of the servers that you can connect to. With that being said, United Kingdom and United States do seem to be in the list of locations and these are two of the most popular options to connect to.


The current version of Spotflux that you can download online is only compatible with Mac and Windows. This is not new, because even when Spotflux was fully operational, it offered limited compatibility. This may be one of the reasons why the service ceased to exist, after all, leading VPN providers are offering support for mobile platforms like Android and iOS, since many people carry their smartphones and tablets anywhere they go. A VPN provider that is not offering mobile apps will be left behind in the race to get to the list of the top VPNs available and that is what happened with Spotflux.

Spotflux claimed that it didn’t keep any logs, but considering that the provider was based in the United States, it is hard to take this claims seriously. The US is home to the NSA, one of the biggest enemies of privacy. While it is not clear how the current version of the software handles privacy, it shouldn’t surprise us to find out that it does a poor job protecting it. If privacy and security are your main concerns, we recommend that you opt for a service that has a good track record protecting them and that is preferably based outside the United States and other Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, Fourteen Eyes countries.


If the idea of a free VPN solution sounds appealing and you want to give Spotflux a try, you can download the software from https://spotflux.jaleco.com/. Just bear in mind that this program is limited when it comes to features and it wouldn’t be the best choice if you need a high level of protection while browsing the internet. Spotflux stopped offering its services a short while ago, and while the exact reason is not known, there are a few clues that could explain its demise. Many users complained about the poor customer support, the lack of transparency regarding the network of servers, the basic features and the high price of the premium service. All these could have lead to the end of Spotflux. The software remains available, but if you want to get the best possible experience with a VPN, we advise you to try a well-know, reliable solution like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.