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Switch Vpn Review

Review of: Switch Vpn

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On July 16, 2014
Last modified:October 11, 2016


SwitchVPN is a company based in India. It aims to provide a solution for users that want to connect anonymously and securely to internet. They strive to use the latest technology in ensuring that you enjoy all the websites and software applications available online without any limitations.

With SwitchVPN, you can enjoy their protection to avoid sensitive data, or your personal information, being accessed by malicious eavesdroppers. They use strong levels of encryption to guarantee your security online and keep your connection safe. SwitchVPN claims to offer the fastest, most trustworthy service that can ensure your complete anonymity and privacy.

They offer a 7-day money back guarantee. You can try the service and decide if it suits your needs or not.



SwitchVPN enables their customers to connect to more than one electronic device at the time, using the same account but for an extra cost. Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, Mac OS X 10.5 (and higher) as well as Linux are supported by SwitchVPN. Their client works with the usual devices: laptops, desktops, iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices. Additionally, SwitchVPN is compatible with DD-WRT and Tomato routers.

The protocols supported are SSTP, L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN. Their website provides helpful information about the difference between the last two options, which are the most common. If you’d like some more information on those protocols, check out our guide here.


Location and Performance

Their network of servers is limited to about 30 and the selection of locations is not exactly large. You have countries such as Singapore, Sweden, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Canada and the United States. The fact that there are servers in three continents, and in strategic areas, means that you can find a server that is near you.

They use shared IP addresses but they are switched regularly. This is to ensure that they aren’t blocked by websites that may detect VPNs.

Customer Support

The support team of SwitchVPN can be contacted via live chat and ticket system.

When we contacted them through the live chat, they were polite and tried to help with our queries. However, they seem to take a while to respond and their responses did not answer every aspect of our questions. When the chat is not available, they can be contacted through the ticket system. But again, the response took longer than expected and we had to contact them multiple times with the same question in order to get the information needed.

Even though they have an easy to use FAQ and the responses were always polite, the delay to get a response and lack of detailed information was quite disappointing and frustrating.


SwitchVPN has some work to do before they can become a leading VPN provider. Their features are not enough to impress and their customer support needs to improve in response time, technical skills and availability. The options that you get are limited, such as when it comes to IP addresses. While they switch them to ensure that they are not blocked or blacklisted, it would be better to have a larger selection to avoid any issues.

For basic use, they will do, but if you want a comprehensive solution and reliable technical support, they may not be for you.