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TorVPN Review

You may not have heard about it yet, but since 2010, TorVPN has been offering a reliable service that features excellent server speeds. The provider is registered in the United Kingdom and it deserves recognition for its open and transparent approach, as well as its strong commitment to privacy. The company aims to help more people to defend their online privacy, by offering affordable and flexible plans so that anyone can try their service. TorVPN allows you to enjoy all the advantages of a VPN and it gives you freedom to choose the package that better suits your needs. In this review, we’ll explore what TorVPN offers in the most important aspects of the service.

Security and Privacy

TorVPN offers strong encryption through OpenVPN, which is known as the most solid option in terms of security. With this protocol, TorVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption with 4096-bit RSA for handshaking and SHA-256-bit authentication. This is a very strong level of protection that will keep your data protected from most threats. PPTP and SSH tunneling are also available, but since OpenVPN provides the best security, it is advisable to stick to this protocol, unless it is not available on the platform you are using. TorVPN also supports Dynamic Port Forwarding.

TorVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activities, but it does keep connection logs temporarily. The information collected may include time stamps and amount of bandwidth used. The purpose of logging this information is to prevent abuse of the system and facilitate trouble shooting. As previously noted, the company is based in the UK, which is a downside since it falls under the jurisdiction of the GCHQ. However, TorVPN has a warrant canary in place to make users aware of gag orders received or any intervention that could compromise their privacy.


TorVPN doesn’t have its own VPN client, but the VPN can be set up on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS and other platform. Once you sign up, you will receive an email with the instructions that will allow you to use TorVPN on your device. There are also setup guides that will help you to complete the process. Although downloading and installing a dedicated client is generally easier, TorVPN offers all the information required to ensure that you can set up the VPN within a few minutes. The OpenVPN setup works well, but we’d like to see a client in the future as this will also allow TorVPN to include convenient features such as killswitch and DNS leak s protection.

Although TorVPN is not related to Tor, its name refers to the fact that TorVPN has a setup guide specially designed to help you to use Tor over VPN. In addition, there is a transparent TOR routing option and it is possible to access .onion sites, once you enable the TOR feature. TorVPN offers good results in terms of speed so you can stream content or enjoy VoIP calls without issues. The provider also supports SOCKS proxy and if preferred, you can get a dedicated IP address. A disposable email address is also available. Currently, they have servers located in Hungary, United States, Australia, Sweden, France, Russia, Hong Kong and United Kingdom. P2P is allowed and you can get multiple simultaneous connections, depending on the plan chosen.


There is a free plan that allows you to use the service for 7 days and it comes with 2 GB traffic. You can also opt for a cheap VPN plan, which costs £0.50 and allows you to use the service for up to 15 days. This plans supports 2 simultaneous connections, comes with 5 GB and no time restrictions. The best option for users who want to have control over their VPN service is the Custom plan. This plan lets you select the exact features that you want. You can choose the length of the subscription, the amount of servers and simultaneous connections and more. The price will depend on the features selected.

You can also go for one of the Premium plans. The monthly option is called Pro and it costs £1.90 (about $2.44 USD) per month. This plan gives you up to 60GB traffic, two simultaneous connections and the chance to connect to two servers. Then there is the Silver VPN plan, which gives you three months of service for £5.50 (around 7 USD) and it comes with 100GB, support for three simultaneous connections and access to all the servers. The yearly plan is called Gold VPN and it gives you unlimited traffic, up to 4 simultaneous connections and access to all the servers for £19.90, which currently is just under $25.60 USD. All the Premium plans offer unlimited time, access to all protocols supported and unlimited speed. The low pricing gives TorVPN an advantage over many of its competitors. It is also worth mentioning that Bitcoin is accepted as method of payment.

Customer Support

TorVPN offers detailed guides that will help you to set up the service on any of the platforms supported. The website offers concise but helpful information about the service and the FAQ covers different aspects of the service. Support ifs provided via email based ticket system and there is also a live chat available, although it doesn’t seem to be active most of the time.


TorVPN may be fairly basic in terms of features and it lack a dedicated client, which may put off beginners and users who want to have features like killswitch. However, the low prices and the flexibility to choose the features that you prefer and create a plan that suits your personal needs, make TorVPN worth considering. In addition, the service works well and with the help of the detailed guides, you won’t have any issues setting up the VPN on your device. The simplicity and affordability of the service will attract many customers.