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Troid VPN Review

TunnelGuru is a company focused on Online privacy and it offers a variety of VPN solutions for Android users, including Troid VPN. Originally launched in 2013, Troid VPN is an app designed to help users to keep their privacy protected and to disguise their real location while they are using the internet on their Android device. We’ll find out more about Troid VPN in this review.

Privacy and Security

While TunnelGuru promises to protect your data from eavesdroppers and security threats, unfortunately, there is not detailed information available on their website about the algorithms used. However, they confirmed that they use their own VPN, which is a combination of different protocols and technologies to tunnel the data. 128-bit encryption is used to protect the internet traffic. While this is not the strongest level of encryption, it works well for most users and it doesn’t affect speed as much as higher protection does.

When it comes to privacy, it has to be said that TunnelGuru’s policies lack clarity. It is difficult to know how safe your privacy really is when using this services because while they say that they will do their best to avoid storing more details than those that are needed for legal or technical reasons, they also mention that they will do what is needed to protect themselves in case of illegal actions on customer’s side. If required, they will cooperate with authorities and hand over any data that they may have. Your account and payment details, as well as the IP address used to register for the service may be shared with law enforcement if you have acted illegally.

They state that they don’t track or store any personal of confidential information through their mobile apps. There is a minimum amount of permissions required to ensured that the apps work and you can see exactly what is needed when you are installing the app. While TunnelGuru promises not to log online activities, it keeps connection data such as start and end time, as well as the IP address used to connect to the service. If you only intend to use the service to increase the security of your general browsing activities, you may have no concerns about TunnelGuru’s privacy policy. However, if you need strong privacy, you may want to consider other options.

Troid VPN Pricing

You can download Troid VPN for free and get 100 MB of bandwidth per day of VPN service while using it. You don’t need to register in order to use the free version of the service. If the amount of bandwidth that is available for free is not enough for you, the best option would be to upgrade to the premium version. The free service is supported by ads so if you want to get rid of them, getting the paid version would be the best choice. For $4.25 per month, you can access all the servers in TunnelGuru’s network including premium ones. You also get unlimited bandwidth and dedicated software that allows you to connect your devices in a more convenient way.

Users of the paid plan are able to access 1 Gbps network of premium servers. The protocols supported are TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS, SSH and AntiDPI-UDP protocols for data tunneling. You can select multiple protocols to route the data through and it is possible to set the VPN to use a proxy with the TunnelGuru service. There are no speed restrictions and you get unlimited bandwidth. Being able to access the Windows client and all the Android apps is another benefit of subscribing to TunnelGuru’s VPN service. There is also a virtual firewall that protects your device and boosts your internet privacy.

When you use Troid VPN, all the WiFi hotspots that you use become safer since all your internet traffic is encrypted. Troid VPN prevents others from seeing what you do online. Apart from Troid VPN, TunnelGuru offers others Android apps such as Hammer VPN, VPN Over DNS Tunnel and VPN Over HTTP Tunnel. This selection offers a versatile experience for users as it allows them to use a variety of protocols. Thanks to the multiple options offered by TunnelGuru, there are different tunnels available for users.

It is possible to tunnel over DNS, HTTP(S), DNS, UDP/TCP, ICMP. With Hammer VPN, you can even get a VPN tunnel that uses Anti-DPI technology to defeat censorship and conceal the fact that a VPN is being used. The Windows client supports all these protocols, offering flexibility for users with different requirements. The payment methods accepted include cards, PayPal, CashU, TrustPay and bank transfer. As previously mentioned, the free version allows you to discover what the service offers before you pay for a subscription. If you go for a paid plan, Troid VPN comes with a 3-day money back guarantee that allows you to get your money back if you are not happy with the service.


The first step to start using TunnelGuru service and enjoy its premium benefits is creating an account. For this, you will need to enter your email, country and create a username. After providing your email address, you will receive your password, which can be changed once you log into your account. The app can be downloaded and installed on your device without major hassle. You just need to accept the permissions required in order to complete the installation process. When the app is installed, you can click on the open button to launch the app for the first time. Remember that the free version only comes with 100MB of bandwidth and it doesn’t give you access to premium servers.

You can adjust the connection settings or select the ones that better suit your needs. The default settings should be good enough, but it is good to see that they can be adjusted to meet your requirements. You can see the protocols supported and select the one that you prefer. You can also see where to find the VPN for DNS tunnels and the Windows client in the About section. In the Advanced screem you can select a DNS server that can be used for queries and set up a proxy for your TCP connection. To be able to use the ICMP option, your device has to be rooted. Once you have selected the protocol and server, you can tap on Connect. The first time that the connection is set, you need to allow permission to set up a VPN. Keep in mind that Torrenting is not allowed and you will see a warning telling you that if you are involved in this activity, you may end up being permanently banned.

To access the premium servers, you need to enter your account details. You will see the list of servers available and once your connection is established, you can see the session time and the server you are connected to. You can end the connection by simply hitting the Disconnect button. If you select OK, you will be returned to the dashboard screen and will be able to select a different server to connect to. The default UDP setting may be a good choice for most users since it is very convenient. If you have more experience and technical knowledge, you can go for the DNS and proxy settings in the TCP protocol. For those with rooted devices, the ICMP option is also available.

The network offers 1 Gbps servers in multiple countries incluidng Canada, Germany, Mexico, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore, Netherlands, United States and South Africa. While the list of options is limited when compared to other providers, there is good global coverage and most users will find a server that suits their needs. Just keep in mind that the service is not intended as a tool to bypass geographical restrictions and it doesn’t support P2P. It is mainly a solution to add security to your internet traffic, specially when you are using public WiFi. It should also be noted that the service is not available for users in China, India, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana or Senegal.

When you use the VPN service, there is is a slight drop in speed, which is normal since a VPN applies encryption to secure the data. If you are using the free Troid VPN service, you will notice that the connection is slower since more people are using the service. Paid customers can get better results, but overall the speed is not impressive. However, since Troid VPN is mainly intended for general browsing, the speed should be good enough for most users.

Customer Support

You can reach the support team via email and expect a response within one or two days. The answers are polite and helpful, but it would be good to have a live chat or another method to get responses faster. The website offers some information about the service and you can also check the social media profiles, although it is unclear how often these are monitored. There are video tutorials available as well, which can be very gelpful when you are setting up the service.


If you are looking for a solution that increases your security when you are browsing the internet or checking your email on the go, Troid VPN can be an efficient choice. The free service is practical and in spite of its limitations, it can work well for those who just need to add security to their traffic when they are using public WiFi. The premium version offers better performance and unlimited bandwidth, as well as access to more servers. While there are some concerns regarding the privacy policy, overall, Troid VPN is a choice that may suit general users.