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How to unblock SonyLIV outside India using a VPN

SonyLIV was launched in 2013 and since then, it has become a favorite of many viewers in India since it offers a great variety of entertainment options, including TV shows, live sports, anime and more. The service covers different genres such as action, horror, crime and comedy. If you are a cricket fan, SonyLIV is definitely worth considering as it provides access to the latest updates. The problem is that if you are outside India, you will get an error message if you visit the website. All you will see is a message letting you know that SonyLIV is not available in your location. Thankfully, this is something that can be bypassed. What you need if you are in the United States, Canada, Australia, or any other country apart from India, is to use a VPN to overcome the restrictions.

With a VPN, you can spoof your geographical location and appear as if you were somewhere else. If you connect to a VPN in India, you will be able to access SonyLIV and any other service that is only available in that country, such as Hotstar. Connecting to a VPN in India is the perfect solution for fans of cricket and Bollywood films, and Indian expats. Once you connect to a VPN server in India, your IP address shows that you are in India. This allows you to watch Indian TV series, live cricket matches and all the content that SonyLIV has to offer. You won’t face the error message that is displayed when someone outside India accesses SonyLIV and that simply states that “The content you are trying to watch is not available in your geography”. Thanks to a VPN, you can overcome the restrictions and watch the content that SonyLIV offers, from anywhere in the world.

Unblocking SonyLIV with the help of a VPN

Many popular TV series and live sports are subject to restrictions and can only be accessed within India. If you want to be able to unblock them from any location, you need to use a VPN that has servers in India. VPNs redirect your data through a secure tunnel, before it reaches the internet. Apart from securing your information, a VPN also hides your real IP address. It masks it, making you appear as if you were in the country of the VPN server you connect to. When you use a VP, you can enjoy anonymity and avoid being traced by other parties. A VPN offers the right combination of security, speed and the capacity to overcome restrictions. You won’t miss your favorite matches, or any of the content that SonyLIV and other Indian-based services offer.

The process is pretty much the same, regardless of the VPN you select. Here is what you need to do to start bypassing restrictions and unblock SonyLIV from anywhere.

1. Sign up with a VPN, make sure that it has servers in India
2. Then you need to download and install the VPN, following the provider’s instructions
3. Once you have installed the VPN and it is running in your device, connect to an Indian VPN server to get an Indian IP address.
4. Now you can go to SonyLIV and watch TV all the content that it offers
Now, let’s take a look at the list of the best VPN services to unblock SonyLIV and watch top quality Indian content from anywhere.


ExpressVPN is often featured in the lists of the best VPN services available, due to its effective combination of privacy protection, security and fast speeds. You won’t have issues getting around the blocks that stop you from getting access to SonyLIV and other geo-restricted services. ExpressVPN has servers in Chennai and Mumbai, and once you connect to them, you are able to overcome blocks and watch TV series, live sports and more on SonyLIV. ExpressVPN has thousands of servers and it protects your data with high encryption, preventing eavesdroppers from seeing what you do online. It doesn’t keep logs of your traffic.


NordVPN is another high quality provider that allows you to get around restrictions, while keeping your internet traffic secure. You can connect to servers in 60 countries and in India, NordVPN currently holds 14 servers. NordVPN supports advanced security features like Tor over VPN and double encryption. NordVPN has earned recognition thanks to its capacity to defeat blocks and the powerful protection that it uses to keep your information private. NordVPN is a zero logs provider, meaning that it doesn’t keep records of any aspect of your use of the service.


Surfshark is a provider that has everything to become one of the favorite names in the VPN industry and its popularity is on the rise. While Surfshark is still relatively new when compared to other VPNs, its high quality is speaking for itself and it is helping it to achieve a top place in the industry. Surfshark has servers in over 50 countries including India. Thanks to the No Borders mode and the effective unblocking technology, Surfshark can unblock content everywhere. It is also a provider that doesn’t keep logs of your activities and it has been independently audited.

Private Internet Access

PIA is an affordable solution with over 3000 servers in 32 countries, and of course, India is one of them. Private Internet Access enables you to bypass restrictions so that you can watch more content from all over the world. If you love Indian TV and sports, you can enjoy access to SonyLIV from anywhere you are. Simply connect to one of the servers that PIA has in India and enjoy cricket, Bollywood movies and much more. PIA has plans that are quite cheap, but the quality of the service is high. Plus, PIA doesn’t keep logs of your activities.