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VPN Options for Lost Ark

Since Lost Ark is currently only available in South Korea, you need to connect to a VPN server in that country to be able to unlock the game. It is important that you use a VPN that lets you not only bypass the restrictions while you are setting up the game, but also when you are playing. You have to be connected all the time to ensure that you don’t experience any issues or get kicked out. To help you enjoy Lost Ark fully, we will take a look at the best VPN options available for gaming.

The difference between game VPNs and regular VPNs

Using a game VPN only has an impact on the game and not on the entire PC. It delivers better ping and it can be more practical than using a regular VPN. A regular VPN is a full VPN that affects your entire system. They are easier to use when it comes to updating and downloading Lost Ark. They are not only suitable for gaming, but also allow you to access streaming services that are blocked in your location. They take privacy to the next level while you are browsing the internet or downloading torrents.

The majority of regular VPNs let you have multiple devices connected at the same time. If you want to use the VPN on your mobile device, computer and more, a VPN that allows multiple simultaneous connections is a must-have. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that sharing accounts is against the Terms of Service of some VPNs. It has to be mentioned that Game VPNs only allow one connection at the same time.

What are the best VPNs for Lost Ark?

Let’s take a look the VPN services that you can use for Lost Ark. They include VPNs focused on gaming (Game VPNs), Regular VPNs and Free VPNs.


If your main goal is to get a VPN with superb ping and stability, try Exitlag. This is the right choice for Lost Ark players as it has a dedicated download node in South Korea that supports Lost Ark. Exitlag offers the lowest ping and it delivers reliable performance. The optimize feature automatically sets up the VPN and it is less clunky to use than other VPNs available. Exitlag has a free trial that lasts three days it also has affordable plans starting from $6.50 per month. Three months cost $18.50 and for six months, you pay $35. The locations supported include Sweden, United States, Germany, Philippines, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom and Italy.


This provider is also focused on gaming and it even offers official support for Lost Ark. Although it is similar to a regular VPN in many ways, PingBooster is specifically designed to improve your gaming experience. It comes with a 4-day free trial, which you can avail of if you confirm your mobile number. One month costs $3.99, three months cost just $10.99 and you can save even more in the long run, if you extend the subscription to 6 months or one year. Six months cost $19.99 and one year costs $35.99.


Mudfish is another solution that has a special focus on giving you a better gaming experience. It works on a pre-paid, re-load system in which you need to deposit $2.99 at minimum. There is an unlimited subscription or $1/10GB Pay Per Data. The reload options start from $2.99 and go up to $99.99. The locations supported include Canada, Italy, Brazil, United States, Germany and Scotland. Although Mudfish is the cheapest option you can get, it should be noted that it is not a flawless solution. Some users have reported that there are nodes that don’t work at all. In some cases, they do work but only after troubleshooting.

Regular VPN services


This is without a doubt, one of the most respected names in the VPN industry. NordVPN has over 5000 servers in more than 60 countries. It stands out thanks to its high security, advanced features and solid commitment to privacy. NordVPN is a zero logs provider so it doesn’t keep any logs of your activities or of connection details such as your IP address and time stamps. NordVPN can work well for Lost Ark because it is not only highly secure, but it also has ultra-fast servers that support technology that will help you to get around the blocks.

NordVPN gives you stable and fast performance that enables you to install, update and play the game. There is a three-day free trial available that doesn’t require credit card. NordVPN is more expensive than other of the game-focused options that we have mentioned. For instance, the price for one month is $11.95, which is reduced to $9 when you subscribe for 6 months and to $6.99 per month, when you set up the subscription for one year. NordVPN allows up to 6 connections at the same time, you have to connect to different servers in South Korea on each device or use different protocols.


ProtonVPN is a highly secure VPN service with a Basic plan that costs $5 per month, but it has a limited selection of servers in South Korea. To get better performance, you can upgrade to the Plus plan, which costs $10 per month. This plan gives you faster speeds and access to all Korean servers. There is a free trial that lasts 7 days and it doesn’t require a credit card to be used. The Basic plan lets you use up to two connections at the same time, while the Plus plan lets you enjoy up to 5 connections simultaneously. You can get up to 10 connections at the same time, if you opt for the Visionary plan, which costs $30 per month.

Free VPNs

You may also be wondering if using a free VPN is a good idea. Saving money and going for a service that is available without a charge, sounds very tempting. However, free VPNs are not recommended at all. Sure, they may be convenient but you are putting your privacy at risk when you use one. They offer really bad ping and they are likely to support themselves by selling your data. To make matters worse, they are slow and the connection may even drop down all of the sudden. In fact it is possible that they don’t even work in the first place. You will find options like Soft Ether, but if you really want to play Lost Ark without putting your information at risk, we recommend you to get a paid service.