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How to watch American Horror Story online

While the exact date hasn’t been revealed yet, American Horror Story is set to come back in August and we know that the upcoming season is called 1984. As the name suggests, it will focus on the 1980’s and the producers have hinted many surprises for fans of slasher films, which were very popular during that decade. Classic titles like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th are likely to serve as inspiration for this new season of the anthology TV series created by Ryan Murphy. So far, we know that AHS’s regular Emma Roberts and freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy, are part of the cast. Sarah Paulson, who has been in every season of the show is also likely to return, although we may not see Evan Peters this time. Peters, who has appeared in AHS since it started in 2011, has mentioned that he is taking a break this year.

American Horror Story fans (including me) can’t wait to see what the next season brings, after all, this is a unique TV show that has captivated audiences around the world. Every season is different, although they are all somehow connected and long-time fans love to discover all the ties and come up with theories about all the characters and the fascinating universe of this TV show. Even if you are not into horror, AHS is worth checking thanks to the outrageous storylines, the scary, yet charismatic characters, the music, the special guests and all the entertainment that is on offer. Even Lady Gaga was on the show as the main star in season 5 and she won a Golden Globe for her role as The Countess.

In Season 8, AHS: Apocalypse, the most recent season of the show, fans enjoyed a cross-over of two of the most popular seasons: Murder House (season 1) and Coven (season 3). Apocalypse brought back many beloved and hated characters from the haunted house in the first season and the New Orleans witches that appeared on season 3. One of the special appearances that followers of the show were expecting was Jessica Lange’s, who was the leading lady in the first four seasons of AHS. We saw her again in Apocalypse, along with other familiar faces and new characters.

How to watch American Horror Story from anywhere

There have been 8 seasons to date and the show has been so successful that although season 9 hasn’t been released, AHS has already been renewed for a 10th season, meaning that we are sure to have AHS on TV until 2020, at least. Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, Cult and Apocalypse are the titles of the previous seasons and while we wait for 1984, wouldn’t it be great to watch AHS online? FX, the network that airs the show, has an online streaming service called FXNow, which offers the chance to watch American Horror Story, as well as many other shows like American Horror Crime, Archer, Fargo and Legion. The problem is that it is only available in the United States so if you visit the website or try to access the app from another location, you will only get an error message telling you that the content is not available in your location.

But there is no reason to miss the show because with a VPN, you can bypass the restrictions and enjoy AHS on FX, even if you are not in the United States. There are many VPNs available and most of them have servers in the US. By connecting to a server in the United States, you can get an IP address from that location, which enables you to get access to FXNow and many other streaming options. Regardless of the VPN that you select, the steps that you need to follow are these:

1. Select a VPN, choose a plan and register an account.
2. Download the VPN client and install it on your device. Most providers offer apps that work on major platforms like Windows, macOs, iOS and Android.
3. Open the VPN app and log into your account
4. Connect to a server in the United States, allow a few seconds for the connection to be established.
5. Go to FX.com and start streaming AHS on demand. Keep in mind that you may need a subscription to FX.

Best VPNs to watch AHS from anywhere


ExpressVPN is one of the best providers to bypass geographical restrictions. It offers access to an impressive network with thousands of servers in over 90 countries. Its advanced technology and the fact that the servers are regularly being updated, allow ExpressVPN to offer a reliable streaming experience. You can rely on ExpressVPN to help you to overcome the restrictions that prevent you from watching AHS from outside the United States. This provider has servers in Atlanta, Miami, New York, San Francisco and many other cities in the US. It is fast and doesn’t keep logs of your activities.


NordVPN secures your data defeat restrictions and also to protect your online traffic from eavesdroppers. It doesn’t keep logs at all and it gives you the chance to connect to servers in over 60 countries, including of course, the United States. The provider has high quality software, professional customer support and advanced protection for your data. In addition, NordVPN is fast and it enables you to defeat restrictions and watch every season of AHS from anywhere.


IPVanish manages its own network of servers, which helps it to provide amazing speeds and highly reliable performance. There are servers available in over 60 countries, including the United States. You can defeat the geographical restrictions that stop you from watching AHS, by connecting to a server in the United States. IPVanish’s network features hundreds of servers in the United States in cities like Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta and Denver, New York. It doesn’t keep logs that could compromise your privacy.


Surfshark defends your online traffic from threats like surveillance and it also allows you to overcome restrictions. With Surfshark, you ca defeat blocks and enjoy access to over 800 servers in more than 50 countries, and the United States is one of them. Surfshark doesn’t keep logs of your online activities and it offers great speeds that will allow you to stream American Horror Story on FX, even if you are not connecting from the United States. Surfshark offers advanced unblocking technology and it lets you use as many simultaneous connections as you want.