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Best Alternatives to Afdah to watch movies online

If you like to watch TV shows and movies online, you may have heard about Afdah, one of the most popular streaming websites that offers content for free. It features a convenient search function that allows you to find movies and TV shows to watch and the content is also organized by category. The website can be accessed from your computer or mobile device and you don’t need to download any app to use Afdah. While Afdah is a great way to watch online content, there are other options available. We will share a list of websites like Afdah that give you the chance to stream content from home. One thing to keep in mind is that in some countries, using streaming websites that are not authorized by the copyright holders can land you in trouble. We advise you to consider paid services like Netflix, that are authorized to offer premium content. If you choose Afdah and similar websites, keep the risks in mind. You can use a VPN to protect your identity and privacy.


Hulu is not free, but it is a recommended option for people who prefer to enjoy HD content in a legitimate way. Hulu is similar to Netflix, but many people consider it even better because it provides access to more recently released movies and a wider variety of options. You can enjoy popular TV shows, documentaries and movies, and Hulu also offers its own content. Some of Hulu’s original productions have earned critical acclaim and have also become audience favorites. Hulu also stands out thanks to its vast selection of content for kids. The monthly cost of the subscription is $7.99, but you can try it for a month for free. The main downside of Hulu is that it is only available in the United States and Japan. While it is likely that it expands its coverage in the future, in the meantime, you can use a VPN to overcome the geographical restrictions.


Through 123Movies, you can enjoy HD quality movies. This is one of the most reliable options when it comes to enjoying online content. You can find HD content and the movies are organized by category, countries, ratings and alphabetical order. The interface is very clear so you won’t feel overwhelmed while you are using the website. 123Movies is easy to navigate and you will be able to find the movie you are looking for without issues. You don’t need to create an account, but if you want to get updates, you can register and find out the latest news about movies. Some of the advantages of 123Movies include HD quality content, regular updates, straightforward interface and fast loading speeds. If you love movies and want to enjoy a good viewing experience, give 123Movies a try.


LosMovies also allows you to stream movies without hassle and you can also find what you want to watch without having to spend hours looking for it. The website offers a clear interface and you can look for movies by genre, ratings, release date and more. There is also a search bar that you can use if you know the exact name of the movie that you want to watch. LosMovies even lets you find movies based on actors and directors. This is a convenient browsing option that is not available on Afdah. LosMovies also allow you to choose 3D movies and subtitled movies.

Yes Movies

Like Afdah, Yes Movies offers a great variety of genres so you can enjoy horror movies, animated movies, drama, sci-fi, action and much more. There are also sports events and documentaries available, as well as TV series. The movies can be browsed by country, ratings, date of release and other options. Yes Movies offers an easy to use interface that lets you find what you want to watch without hassle. If you know the exact name of the movie that you want to watch, you can look for it using the search bar. Yes Movies is fast and while there are some ads, they won’t affect your streaming experience.


GoMovies is another good option for people who want to watch movies and TV shows online without having to pay. The website hasn’t been around for too long, but it has already become a very popular option. This is thanks to the varied selection of content that it offers. You can find a huge list of movies and TV series, many of which have been released in recent years. GoMovies is regularly updating its database to offer even more content to its visitors. The videos are organized according to the genre, country, rating and also in Alphabetical order. This allows you to find what you want to watch without having to spend a lot of time. Not all of the content available is in HD, but if you don’t mind watching a poor quality version, you are likely to find pretty much any movie you want. GoMovies doesn’t require a registration, you can simply access the website and watch anything you want.

How to records movies

We have mentioned some of the best alternatives to Afdah, but you may also want to record a movie, there is a solution that you can try. This is a great way to be able to watch your favorite movies, even if you don’t have an internet connection. With AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro, you can record movies from Afdah and similar websites. This software lets you capture everything on your computer screen with high quality. This is what you can do to record movies.

1. Start by downloading and installing Screen Grabber Pro. Just select the version that is compatible with your device (Mac or Windows), click the download button and install the program, following the installation wizard.

2. Set up the required recording settings. Before you start recording, you will be able to set up your preferences. You can choose output, input source, video format and more.

3. Now, you need to select the Recording Mode. You just need to open your web browser and find the video that you want to record, but don’t start playing it yet. Go back to Screen Grabber Pro’s screen and select the recording mode from the drop-down list of Record. It is advisable to use the Region for online streaming movie recording. It is possible to select the mode and then you can use the mouse to highlight the exact movie that you want to record. If you want to record the movie in full screen, you can play the movie in this format.

4. Now you can start recording. Keep in mind that there is a 3 second countdown before the recording begins. It is possible to use this time to start playing the movie. Once the recording is fine, you can click the red button to stop the recording.