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Best VPN for Betfair

Betfair is a popular online gambling platform that operates from the United Kingdom. While the website offers services worldwide, there are some locations where users are restricted from accessing Betfair and other similar options. This is because in some locations, gambling is not allowed, but it may also be due to licensing issues. Gambling is illegal in some countries or states in the United States, which is why websites like Betfair have to block users from those locations. In addition, if Betfair doesn’t have a license to offer its services to customers in a specific country, they will also experience blocks when they try to access the website.

Even if you live in a country where gambling is legal and you use Betfair on a regular basis, if you travel to a country where the website is not available due to legal, or licensing reasons, you won’t be able to access the website as you do at home. Even in countries where gambling is allowed, offshore websites are blocked. This is the case of Canada, where Betfair is not available due to regulations implemented since the start of 2016. Gambling is also subject to restrictions in the United States, where only a few states allow this activity. Even in states where gambling is permitted, customers may come across issues due to restrictions implemented by credit card companies due to the high risk involved with gambling transactions.

Another reason why you may experience blocks when you try to access Betfair is licensing issues. In order to be able to operate in a country, Betfair needs to get licenses and this process can take a while. As a result, in some countries where gambling is legal, Betfair may still be unavailable as they block access until all the correct licenses are granted and they can operate in that location. When you try to access the website in a country where Betfair is in the process of obtaining a license, you will come across a message letting you know that the service is not available at the moment, but that it will be in the near future.

Betfair and VPN services

In order to bypass the geo-blocks that Betfair has implemented to prevent access from countries where gambling is banned, or where they are still waiting for a license, you can rely on a VPN service. After you sign up for a VPN service, you will be able to connect to a server in the country of your choice and change your IP address. This will make you appear as if you were in that location. This is an option that will help Betfair users who can’t access the website while they travel and it may also be useful for those who live in an area where Betfair is not available. However, if gambling is illegal in your country, it is advisable to keep in mind the implications of accessing online gambling websites like Betfair. If you opt for unblocking Betfair, the following VPN services would be the best choice.


ExpressVPN is one of the most reliable and efficient solution to bypass restrictions. The service offers incredible speeds and high security to ensure that others can’t see what you do online. ExpressVPN gives you access to servers in over 90 countries and its privacy policy establishes that no logs are kept of your online activities. You can easily find a server that allows you to access Betfair without restrictions and securely. ExpressVPN is slightly more expensive than other VPNs, but it is a top quality choice.


VyprVPN stands apart from other VPN services thanks to the fact that it is in control pf its own network of servers. There are no third parties dealing with the servers, which allows them to offer reliable speeds and security. With their Chameleon technology, you will be able to bypass network restrictions, or geo-blocks without problems. This feature covers your VPN traffic and helps you to defeat even strict firewalls. They have servers in over 70 global locations.


I having a wide selection of locations to connect to is your priority, PureVPN is a great solution. They have over 750 servers in 141 countries so no matter where you are, you can find an option that suits your needs. PureVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activities and it protects your connection with high encryption. The network is reliable and since PureVPN provides a fast service, you can access all the betting options available on Betfair, without experiencing annoying delays.


For privacy conscious users, NordVPN is a solid option since it combines a good set of features to protect your data, with a no logs policy. Furthermore, this provider is based in Panama, which means that it is not subject to mandatory data retention laws and that it is away from the jurisdiction of privacy enemies like the NSA. The speeds of the services are also quite good and they have servers in over 50 countries, giving you a good amount of options to unblock Betfair.