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WatchSeries Alternatives

Entertainment is one of the things that one could not live without. Without entertainment, reducing stress could be impossible and could be a cause of depression, anxiety and many more. It is a known fact that entertainment like movies, TV shows, music and videos provide positive feelings, make stressful environment less stressful and make one … Read more

NordVPN Free Trial

NordVPN is one of the leading names in the VPN industry and if you have been checking information about the best services available, you have probably already familiar with this provider. NordVPN has built a solid reputation as a highly secure service that protects your data with strong encryption and advanced features. The excellent VPN … Read more

Was Kodi’s website seized by Homeland Security?

A few weeks ago, people who tried to access Kodi’s official website experienced issues. Those who visited the website came across a message stating that it had been seized by US authorities due to copyright infringement. The message looked exactly as the one you would see on websites that are clearly in violation of copyright … Read more

Roku bans private channel Pear

roku bans channel pear

Not long ago, Roku removed XTV, one of the most popular private channels in the platform. Many Roku users relied on XTV to enjoy access to premium content for free. Now, Roku has taken action on Pear, another private channel that enabled people to watch TV shows, movies and more. The problem with Pear and … Read more

Best small business routers 2018

Are you looking for a wireless router for work? In this guide, you will find the best devices for your office or business. Currently, there is a good selection of wireless routers that can support business needs. The best options in the market offer dual or triple band connectivity, along with other practical features that … Read more

IPVanish breaks its “no logs” policy

IPVanish is one of the most popular VPN services available and one of its main appeals is the fact that it claims that it doesn’t keep any logs. Unfortunately, recent events indicate that the provider may not live up t its claims. In June 2016, IPVanish was involved in an incident in which logs were … Read more

Privacy Extensions containing Spyware affects millions of users

In recent days, researchers found that there is an extensive list of privacy focused apps and extensions that are actually putting users’ private information at risk. These applications and plug-ins can monitor and store information about your activities on their remote servers, even when they claim to be protecting you from surveillance and data collection. … Read more

Google Clips – A threat to privacy?

Clips is an accessory launched by Google no too long ago and this automatic camera that users can wear on, is designed to recognize the faces of your friends and family. With Clips, Google aims to change how we record and save memories of special events. While it could be a revolutionary step that can … Read more

Rogue Mobile VPN Apps Warning

In recent years, concerning information regarding free mobile VPN apps have come to light. Over 280 apps on Google Play Store were analyzed by security experts who found that instead of protecting users’ privacy, many of these apps actually put privacy at risk. The research exposed the fact that over 80% of the apps request … Read more

Firefox promises to reinforce online privacy with Firefox 65

By now, you probably know that when you are connected to the internet, your information is being monitored by the government, ISPs, large corporations and cyber criminals. Your personal data, your conversations and everything you do online could be tracked by those who want to use your information for their own benefit. Large corporations have … Read more