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Best VPN for Tapjoy

There are different ways to make money online or to earn cool rewards thanks to marketing strategies that focus on taking advantage of the communication and entertainment power of internet. Created in 2007, Tapjoy is a mobile advertising solution that gives users the possibility to discover new apps and earn rewards. With Tapjoy, app developers get a platform to engage consumers through advertisement based on rewards. Developers, advertisers and consumers can benefit from what this solution offers and it is estimated that Tapjoy has over 450 million customers and thousands and apps available. If you would like to get to use new apps before anyone else and to get rewarded for it, Tapjoy is a good solution.

The advertising network allows developers to add the app and during the time that people use the app, Tapjoy makes regular offers. In order to get premium content, users can click on ads or offers that interest them. The apps supported through Tapjoy include games and the premium content could be coins, extra points or exclusive videos and posts. With this system, the developers can get advertisement revenue stream without the ads, which allows them to offer the app for less. Advertisers only pay for the ads that prompt their targeted audience to download the app or to complete the action they expect. Finally, customers are not overwhelmed with an excessive amount of ads and have the chance to access premium content without paying for it.

Companies that need to grow the user-base for their apps, often use Tapjoy to attract customers, offering exclusive rewards that are worth trying. In order to get rewards, you need to complete tasks and some of them are very simple, like watching a video or installing and using an app. These tasks are known as offers and once you complete one of them, you would get a reward. However, you can only get rewards for an offer once. This and other limits implemented, have prompted Tapjoy users to look for options to earn more rewards.

One of them is to use a VPN, which will allow you to access offers and to watch ads in other markets. For instance, some of the best offers are available in United States, Canada, Japan and Australia. Customers outside these countries can unlock additional options when they use a VPN to connect to servers located there. It is important to keep in mind that using a VPN may be against Tapjoy’s policies and your account may be suspended. However, if you are willing to take the risk, the below VPNs would not only allow you to access more offers in Tapjoy, but will also secure your connection and keep your privacy protected when you use this advertising network.


With ExpressVPN you can enjoy a high level of privacy and security, as well as impressive speeds for streaming and gaming. You will be able to bypass restrictions without issues and enjoy your rewards in your favorite games and apps. They have great quality mobile solutions to protect your connection on the go and you can connect to servers in 87 countries. They don’t log your online activity.


TorGuard has stealth servers that allow users to bypass firewalls and restrictions, as their VPN traffic is kept secure and undetectable. They have servers in over 50 countries and their service includes a free Viscosity license. This is a great OpenVPN client that is worth checking. TorGuard also offers pre-configured routers and other practical solutions. In addition, they promise not to keep any logs.


Based in Panama, NordVPN is known as a secure, reliable and efficient VPN service. They don’t keep any logs at all. This means that they don’t keep track of your sessions and don’t monitor your browsing activities, online communications or anything else you do on internet. They have servers in over 50 countries and allow you to secure your connection and circumvent restrictions seamlessly.


Privacy and online freedom are the core values of AirVPN, a provider founded by a team of hacktivists in Italy. They offers strong encryption to keep your information safe from eavesdroppers and also allow you to bypass geographical restrictions and censorship effectively. They have servers in 16 countries and don’t monitor your online activities.


One of VyprVPN’s best features is Chameleon, a technology that disguises OpenVPN traffic effectively, ensuring that it is not recognized. This allows you to bypass firewalls and Deep Packet Inspection. VyprVPN has servers in over 50 countries and they also offer good speeds. They keep session data for up to 30 days, but don’t log your traffic or communications.