ZenVPN Review

Based in the Commonwealth of Dominica, ZenVPN is a provider that has been offering an affordable VPN solution since 2013. The company takes online freedom very seriously and it is committed to offer customers the chance to enjoy the content that they want, without worrying about censorship or geographical restrictions. Of course, security is another … Read more ZenVPN Review

VPN Unlimited Review

VPN Unlimited offers strong security and a good selection of features that will keep your internet connection secure, even when you are using public WiFi. Created by KeepSolid, VPN Unlimited is a service that delivers advanced performance and flexibility so that you can defeat geographical restrictions and enjoy online freedom. VPN Unlimited does everything that … Read more VPN Unlimited Review

VPN Shield Review

Every day, more internet users decide to start protecting their online traffic with the help of a VPN service. For beginners, it is important to find a service that is secure, but that is also easy to use and that doesn’t require a great deal of technical skills. That is what VPN Shield aims to … Read more VPN Shield Review

TorrentPrivacy Review

It’s been a decade since TorrentPrivacy started offering a services that is intended for users who want to enhance the protection to their online data. As the name suggests, the application can help you to download torrents without compromising your personal information. By creating a secure tunnel between you computer and a remote server, TorrentPrivacy … Read more TorrentPrivacy Review

Ibvpn Review

Invisible browsing VPN is a great option for anyone that is looking for an affordable VPN service that offers different subscription plans. They understand that everyone uses the internet for different purpose. That’s why their plans are designed to allow you to choose the option that really suits you. This reduces the cost of basic … Read more Ibvpn Review

SuperVPN Review

SuperVPN is a solution established by an team of IT experts who have been working with web hosting services for over a decade. This VPN service has been operating since 2010 and it takes pride in offering high quality customer service and advanced technology. The provider is based in the United States and it has … Read more SuperVPN Review

Swiss VPN Review

For over a decade, SwissVPN has been offering users the possibility of protecting their internet traffic with the help of an encrypted VPN tunnel. The company behind SwissVPN has an extensive experience in telecommunication services and it supports a data center in Switzerland that allows you to enjoy internet securely, as if you were connecting … Read more Swiss VPN Review

FinchVPN Review

FinchVPN is a provider based in Malaysia and it has been operating since 2012. The service is focused on providing affordability, compatibility, as well as a high level of encryption to protect its customers’ data. Although it doesn’t offer as many features as other providers in the industry, FinchVPN has a free option that can … Read more FinchVPN Review