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VPN Unlimited Review

VPN Unlimited offers strong security and a good selection of features that will keep your internet connection secure, even when you are using public WiFi. Created by KeepSolid, VPN Unlimited is a service that delivers advanced performance and flexibility so that you can defeat geographical restrictions and enjoy online freedom. VPN Unlimited does everything that a VPN is supposed to do at a convenient price. If you want to protect your online data from cyber criminals and avoid surveillance programs that put your privacy at risk, VPN Unlimited promises to be a good choice. We’ll find out if it deserves to be considered.

Security and Privacy

With VPN Unlimited, you can protect your emails, your browsing activity and everything you do on the internet. Keeping your connection secure is specially important when you are using public WiFi in coffee shops, hotels and other places because it is likely that malicious users are trying to exploit the security vulnerabilities of these networks. VPN Unlimited supports OpenVPN, a reliable protocol that offers a high level of protection for your online data. VPN Unlimited uses AES-256 and AES-128 encryption. Other protocols supported are L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and IKEv1, which is suitable for iOS. There is also a unique protocol known as KeepSolidWise, which works in stealth mode and it can disguise your VPN traffic as regular HTTPS traffic, making it pretty much impossible to block. When you connect to VPN Unlimited, the best protocol for your platform is chosen, but you can select a different option if preferred.

Although VPN Unlimited doesn’t log your online activity, it keeps some connection details including the date and time of your sessions and the amount of bandwidth used. This information is collected to ensure that the service works as it should. P2P is allowed, as long as it is not for downloading copyright content. It is important to keep in mind that the provider doesn’t intend to be a solution for enhancing your privacy while torrenting. In addition, since VPN Unlimited is based in the United States, it is more likely to be intercepted by the NSA.


You can use VPN Unlimited on all major platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. They also have extensions for Firefox and Chrome, which will allow you to add a layer of security to your browsing. With VPN Unlimited, you can bypass blocks that prevent you from accessing online content. You will have freedom to stream media and visit websites, even if they are restricted in your location.

VPN Unlimited offers good quality software that can be set up easily and it supports features like DNS leak protection and IPv6 leak protection. There are over 1000 servers in more than 70 locations around the world. You can connect to servers in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia. If you want to use P2P, you will need to connect to servers in France, Romania, US (California), Canada (Ontario) and Luxembourg. The service generally offers good speeds, although the results will depend on the server you connect to.


One of the main appeals of VPN Unlimited is the convenient prices that it offers. You can subscribe to the Economy plan, which is the monthly solution. It costs $8.99 USD. A yearly subscription costs $39.99, which means that the monthly price is $3.33. This plan is called Professional. The best option to save money in the long run is the Infinity plan, which gives you lifetime service. There are no monthly payments or limited time subscriptions.

At the moment, thanks to a special offer, you can get the Infinity plan for $149.99, instead of the regular price of $499.99. All plans come with a 7-day money back guarantee and anonymous payment methods like include Bitcoin and gift cards are excepted. There are also additional options available for an additional fee. You can opt for a personal VPN server, static IP and the possibility of getting additional connections. By default, VPN Unlimited allows up to 5 simultaneous connections, but you can get more through the extension services.

Customer Support

The website provides a lot of information about VPN Unlimited’s technical specifications, as well as other aspects of the service. There is a detailed FAQ section, as well as set up guides so that you can run the service on any of the platforms supported. You can also get in touch with the support team via live chat (within the app), web form and email.


Combining good speeds, solid security and affordable prices, VPN Unlimited is an option that will work well those who are mainly interested on protecting their data when they use public WiFi or networks that are not secure. While P2P is supported, VPN Unlimited is more suitable for securing your everyday browsing and bypassing geographical blocks, in order to enjoy access to a wider range of services and websites.