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How to download Torrent with IDM

If you are looking for a way to download torrent files without using heavy software like UTorrent or Bit-Torrent, IDM or Internet Download Manager is an option that you need to consider. With this popular download manager you can download direct files as well as torrents. Thanks to the versatility of IDM, it is possible to download torrent files without having to rely on the usual options such as BitTorrent. Here we will present simple methods that you can use to download torrent to IDM so that you can get high quality files fast and without hassle. With the solutions presented below, you will get the chance to download torrent without client and will be able to convert a torrent to IDM.

Download torrent to IDM using PUTDRIVE

All you need to do for this method to work is to follow a few simple steps.

1. Go to www.putdrive.com and create an account

2. Upload the torrent file and allow some time to get approval and to cache it

3. Once the file has been cached, you will get a direct link to download

4. Then you can click the link and select the option to download torrent via IDM

5. The torrent will be downloaded to the folder that you want to assign

Use Magnetic link to download Torrent to IDM

In this case, you don’t have to go to an external website. All you have to do is to set your IDM and run it. You can do this within the IDM software. In order to download torrent with IDM, you can go to multiple open tracker torrent websites.

1. Go to an open tracker torrent website such as The Pirate Bay or torrentz2.eu

2. Look for the content that you want to download

3. Then go to the page from where you would normally download the torrent file and simply search an option/button called “Magnet Download”.

4. After you click on magnet download button, you will see a new window in your browser and a long string of text will appear. This is the magnet link of the torrent and you need to select Copy the Magnetic Link.

5. Once the magnet link is copied, you can launch IDM and go to options and select Magnet Link. Then just paste the magnet link that you previously copied in that box.

6. Press OK to start the download directly with IDM

7. Once you download is completed, you will be able to find in your computer

Use BitPort to download torrent with IDM

Although the previous methods are the best options, it is also possible to download torrent with IDM using BitPort, following the below steps.

1. Go to BitPort website and set up a free account. You don’t need to pay a subscription for this.

2. You will receive an email to complete the verification process. Then you can get access to the full website.

3. Copy the magnetic links from BitTorrent or other torrent website. Then you can paste them onto the Bitport website.

4. Wait a few minutes until the BitPort website uploads them to the server. This won’t take too long, although this will depend on your internet connection.

5. Once the file is uploaded to the server, the caching begins. This can happen very fast and you shouldn’t experience any delays between these two processes.

6. Once the process is completed, you can get access to a direct download link for your torrent file.

7. After that you can download the torrent file or any apps or content using IDM. It is also possible to use Zbigz Premium account to download torrent with IDM.

It is possible to download torrent with IDM without experiencing any issues, as long as you don’t do it with the private torrent tracker. This is because they don’t allow you to download any file for which there are no statistic available. You can use IDM to download torrent files using any open tracker. In addition, you can use this method to download files that don’t have many seeds and for which you are experiencing slow download speeds.