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How to install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV

Smart TVs have changed the way in which we watch television and the offer the chance to access content that goes beyond what traditional TV networks offer. In order to enjoy a wide variety of content on your smartphone, one of the best options to consider is Kodi. This free media player allows you to watch free media content and if you have a Samsung Smart TV, you will be able to install Kodi to open the doors to an impressive world of entertainment.

Why do you need to install Kodi on your Samsung TV

Kodi is the best streaming player and it is also free and open source. This gives peace of mind to those who prefer software that can be independently checked. In addition, it gives you the chance to access fantastic content without having to pay a lot of money. It should also be noted that Samsung Smart TV is an advanced option to stream content so when you use it along Kodi, the results are simply amazing. Most Smart TVs run Android but this is not the case with Samsung Smart TV, which uses Tizen OS. Although that means that the setting up process can be slightly more challenging, here we will tell you how to install Kodi on your Samsung Smart TV.

Installing Kodi on your Samsung Smart TV

You can find the Kodi app on Google Play Store and the installation process for Android devices is very simple. Things get more complicated when it comes to Samsung Smart TVs because as previously mentioned, they don’t use Android. This is why you would not be able to install Kodi directly on your Samsung Smart TV. The good news is that Samsung Smart TV works with Android TV boxes and Android devices. This means that it is possible to connect your Android phone or your computer to the Samsung Smart TV. Simply using a cast screen method will allow you to run Kodi on a Samsung Smart TV.

How to install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV using Casting Screen Method

Samsung Smart TV is powered by Tizen OS and you can run Kodi on the TV using casting screen method. For this, you need to use your smartphone or computer to run Kodi on the Samsung Smart TV. You can use Chromecast, Android TV Boxes or Roku Player to install Kodi. Below, we will go through the steps required in each case.


  1. Check that your Wireless Network is ON
  2. Your smartphone and the Samsung Smart TV have to be connected to the same Wireless Network
  3. Ensure that Kodi is installed on your Android smartphone before you continue. You can get the Kodi app from Google Play Store.
  4. Install Chromecast on Android smartphone. This is also available on Google Play Store. You will also need to get the Google Home app.
  5. Connect Google Chromecast to the Samsung Smart TV
  6. Open Google Home app on your smartphone and select Cast screen / Audio option in the front menu.
  7. Once you have clicked on Cast Screen / Audio option, you will see your mobile screen on your Smart TV. Now you can open Kodi and stream Movies and TV Shows.


Before we tell you how you can install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV using Roku, it is important to clarify that while Kodi is not available on Roku, you can use Mirror screening to run it on it.

  1. Make sure that Kodi is installed on your smartphone
  2. Your smartphone and your Roku device have to be connected to the same Wireless Network
  3. Open Roku Player, go to Settings, then System and then go to Screen Mirroring. Enable or turn On the Screen Mirroring option.
  4. Open your smartphone, go to Google Play Store, look for Mirroring Screen App and install one of the apps you find.
  5. Connect your smartphone to Samsung Smart TV and get access to all the features supported by Kodi on Samsung Smart TV.

Android TV Box

  1. You need to connect to your Android TV Box to the Samsung Smart TV
  2. Look for the Kodi app on your Android TV Box and install it if you haven’t done so already.
  3. Launch Kodi and stream the media content that you want. That is all. This is the easiest way to get Kodi on your Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV features that make it ideal for Kodi

Using Samsung Smart TV with Kodi allows you to enjoy multiple advantages. For instance, you can control your Samsung TV and Kodi using your voice. You will also be able to enjoy an amazing streaming experience and top video quality. You can connect Kodi using a Network device and stream for free whenever you want. Gamers can find a great range of gaming add-ons with Kodi and play on their Samsung Smart TV.

Using Kodi on Samsung Smart TV

Once you load Kodi on Samsung Smart TV, you can use Kodi. To get started, you need to enable “Apps from Unknown Sources”. To do this, open Kodi, go to Settings, click on System Settings, select Add-ons and enable Apps from Unknown Sources. Once you have done this, you will be able to install third-party Kodi add-ons and enjoy a varied streaming experience. There are many Kodi add-ons available, but it is advisable that you use a VPN in any case. This will add security to your connection and will allow you to stream content that is subject to geographical restrictions.