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How to unblock TextNow from anywhere

unblock textnowWhile text messages or SMS have been replaced to some extent by instant messaging applications, there are still many cases in which they are the most practical or the only choice. If you need to reach to someone who doesn’t use applications like WhatsApp, a text message would be the way to go. One of the reasons why text messages have lost popularity in the lest few years is that they can be expensive, compared to solutions like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which allow you to send unlimited messages for free, as long as you have an internet connection. However, if you need to use text messages, there is a way to save money and that is using TextNow.

This app works on all internet enabled devices and it gives you the possibility of having a free, private phone number that you can use to send and receive SMS texts securely. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can use TextNow because it offers a paid version called TextNow Wireless that lets you make unlimited calls and texts. TextNow Wireless is an innovative IP, cloud based mobile solution, but at the moment it is only available in Canada and the United States. The free app relies on WiFi connectivity and it features ads, but it also offers unlimited calls and texts. You just need to sign up using your Facebook account or email address.

TextNow is also a good solution for privacy since you don’t need to use your real phone number to send or receive texts. This can come handy when you have to register on a website that asks you to provide your phone number to complete a verification process. If you prefer not to use your real number, TextNow will allow you to go through the process without compromising your privacy. The free TextNow app is really practical and it can save you money and help you to keep your privacy intact. The problem is that some schools and work networks have implemented blocks that prevent you from using TextNow. This is why using a VPN is worth considering.

How to unblock TextNow from any location

The best solution to unblock TextNow from anywhere is to use a VPN service. A VPN can mask your IP address, which helps you to communicate anonymously. In addition, by changing your location, you can bypass the restrictions that stop you from accessing TextNow in your network. Additionally, since TextNow is only available in the United States and Canada, a VPN allows people from other countries to get the app. You just need to connect to a VPN server in Canada or the US and your internet traffic will be redirected through it, this will enable you to appear as if you were connecting from that location.

To download TextNow, you need to get a VPN, then connect to a server in the United States or Canada. This will allow you to make Google Play and the App Store think that you are connecting from those countries and you will be able to download the TextNow app. This is thanks to the fact that a VPN will assign you an IP address from the country you are connecting to, which in turn gives you access to the content that is available there. Apart from allowing you to bypass restrictions and get access to TextNow, a VPN encrypts your traffic, which means that others won’t get to see what you do when you are online. We recommend the below VPN services for TextNow.


For many, ExpressVPN is the preferred option for streaming, gaming and downloading content since it offers amazing speeds. It is also a great option for communication apps such as TextNow. ExpressVPN has servers in over 90 countries (including Canada and United States) and thanks to its advanced technology, you can defeat restrictions easily and access TextNow and any content you want from any location. ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activities so you won’t need to worry about the privacy for your communications.


VPNArea is a provider that will impress you with its great combination of speed, security and affordability. They have hundreds of servers in over 60 countries including Canada and the United States and protect your traffic with a strong level of encryption. Your real IP address won’t be revealed because VPNArea offers solid features like kill switch, protection against DNS leaks and protection against IP leaks. No logs are kept of your activities.


NordVPN is a zero logs provider which means that there is no aspect of your usage of the service that is monitored. All your information is secured and protected with a high standard of encryption and you can defeat restrictions with the help of their solid network of servers. The network covers over 50 countries at the moment and you can enjoy advanced features to get access to NordVPN from any location. NordVPN also offers fantastic technical support.

Private Internet Access

PIA offers incredibly low prices, but that is not the only reason to choose this provider over other options available. PIA is easy to use and it offers all the features needed to ensure that you can access TextNow without hassle. You can connect to servers in 25 countries and while that seems limited when compared to what other providers offer, PIA has over 3000 servers and they cover key locations such as United States and Canada. They don’t keep logs of your activities.