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Was Kodi’s website seized by Homeland Security?

A few weeks ago, people who tried to access Kodi’s official website experienced issues. Those who visited the website came across a message stating that it had been seized by US authorities due to copyright infringement. The message looked exactly as the one you would see on websites that are clearly in violation of copyright laws. However, given the fact that Kodi is legal (in spite of its indirect association with some questionable streaming sources), users were surprised to find out that the website had been apparently seized by ICE. Thankfully, the message didn’t stay on the website for too long and while it caused confusion, it appears that it was merely a prank, possibly the work of a hacker.

While in the end, it was confirmed that Kodi hadn’t been seized by US authorities, many people were left wondering if there may be legal issues in the future for this software. Kodi itself is perfectly legal as it is only intended to manage media content. You can use it to access and manage the videos in your local library or legitimate streaming services such as Netflix. There are official Kodi addons that allow you to watch news, sports and other content. However, it is true that there are also unofficial addons that are designed to provide access to pirated content such as TV shows from paid TV channels, or the latest Hollywood movies. Streaming content from these addons is illegal in some countries and since they can be set up on Kodi, many have doubts about the legality of using Kodi.

The good news is that Kodi’s website was never seized by US authorities and it is possible to visit it and to download the software without issues. There is no reason for law enforcement to take action against Kodi at the moment, and as long as you use official addons that provide access to content that has not been pirated, you should have no reason to worry. Still, if you want to enjoy the best level of security and privacy while using Kodi and any other apps, it is important to consider using a VPN. When you connect to a VPN, your traffic is encrypted, which prevents other people from seeing what you are doing. Not even your ISP will know what websites you visit or what videos you watch. VPN services are hugely popular nowadays since more and more people understand that online privacy is under threat these days.

Apart from offering protection, a VPN allows you to get around restrictions since it lets you change your IP address. You can connect to a server in a different country and appear as if you were in that location. This will enable you to access content that is available there. A VPN routes your entire traffic through a secure tunnel, keeping the data safe and at the same time, allowing you to bypass blocks. Your real IP address is masked so others won’t be able to trace you, meaning that a VPN is also a great solution for anonymity. There are many VPN services currently available on the market, but in order to get the best possible experience with this technology, you need to choose a reliable option so we recommend one of the below providers.


NordVPN is known for its strong commitment to privacy and its top security features such as double VPN encryption and Tor over VPN. You can connect to at least 5000 servers in over 60 countries. NordVPN is a zero logs provider and since it is based in Panama, it doesn’t fall within the jurisdiction of the NSA and other US agencies.


ExpressVPN is a highly acclaimed provider that offers great performance and incredible speeds. You can connect to servers in over 90 countries and enjoy a high level of security, thanks to the strong encryption used. ExpressVPN offers advanced technology and it doesn’t keep logs of your online activities. Thanks to its speed, it is one of the best solutions for streaming.


VyprVPN is in charge of its own network of servers, which allows it to offer reliable service and fantastic speeds. You can connect to servers in over 70 locations around the world. This provider doesn’t keep logs and it offers a unique technology known as Chameleon, which is designed to help you to overcome restrictions easily.