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VPNs that accept Perfect Money

perfect money vpnPerfect Money is a payment solution that has been around for a decade and it offers a secure way to transfer money online. From the beginning, the company has been working to process online transactions in a secure and advanced manner, while keeping things simple on the user’s end and ensuring that their payment tool can be used around the world. It allows transfers between members and it gives you the possibility of sending and receiving payments using an electronic account. You can use Perfect Money to pay for online purchases or to buy Bitcoin and other currencies.

Since Perfect Money doesn’t require users to verify their identity when creating an account, it is considered by many as an anonymous payment solution. The transfers made via Perfect Money cannot be traced to a specific users and there are multiple wallets in different currencies available. The transaction fees are very low and the service is not subject to US, EU or other central banking regulations. In addition, Perfect Money supports a wide selection of options to add funds to your digital wallet including SWIFT bank transfers, vouchers, credit cards, just to name a few. It also facilitates the transfer of high amounts of money in a safe and anonymous ways.

While Perfect Money promises many benefits, it has not managed to become a widely used payment solutions and many people have reserves about the security and reliability of the service. Still, the service has been a convenient option for users in countries where other popular online payment processors don’t operate, or where they offer limited features. Perfect Money aims to be more flexible than its competitors but it just hasn’t managed to build a strong reputation as a trustworthy payment solution. However, if you are considering creating an account, you’ll be glad to know that the steps are very simple and once you visit the website, enter information such as your name, location and email address and confirm your email, , you will be ready to add funds and start using your account.

While in theory, Perfect Money is ideal for paying for a VPN service due to the anonymity features that it offers, the reality is that it is not widely accepted as a payment method in the industry. That doesn’t mean that it is not possible to find VPN providers that let you pay using Perfect Money. We put together a list of VPN providers that accept Perfect Money as method of payment. Although the selection is limited and doesn’t really include leading providers, if you have funds in Perfect Money and prefer to use this option to pay for a VPN, you can try the options below.


VPNSecure may not be one of the most popular solutions in the industry but it offers features that make it worth considering. Their no logs policy is designed to keep every aspect of your use of the service private and their network of servers covers 48 countries at this time. It is an effective solution that provides great speeds and excellent customer support. If you want a provider that accepts Perfect Money and that offers good quality, VPNSecure is the right choice.


BetterVPN has servers in only 10 countries but they are strategically located to ensure good coverage and access to popular content. At the moment, they have servers in Japan, United States, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Singapore, Netherlands and France. Overall the speeds of the service are decent and they promise not to keep any logs of your online activities. BetterVPN is another VPN service that accepts Perfect Money.


NoodleVPN offers a variety of plans designed to suit different needs and they support multiple protocols, giving you a flexible experience. They don’t keep logs and when you register for the service, you are only asked to provide your email address and create a username. They have servers in over 25 locations and the customer support is very good. They accept different payment options including Perfect Money, of course.


SpiceVPN offers a fast and secure service and cheap plans that let you use the service for a set amount of time. If you don’t want to commit to a lengthy subscription, SpiceVPN is an option to consider. They support multiple protocols and give you flexibility to select the features that suit your needs. SpiceVPN only has 10 servers but it is convenient if you want a fast VPN that can be used for just a few hours or days and that accepts Perfect Money.