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Best VPN for Plenty of Fish (POF)

Plenty of Fish VPNFor over 16 years, Plenty of Fish has been helping people around the world to find a partner. The website has evolved over time and it currently focuses on dating and serious relationships. Plenty of Fish (commonly known as POF) is still one of the most popular dating sites available and it has millions of active users. One of the best things about POF is that you can send messages to other users without having to pay. You can also search the website and find matches, even if you only have a free membership. In order to get access to additional features, you can upgrade to a paid membership. This allows you upload up to 16 photos and will give your profile priority in the Meet Me section, increasing your chances of finding your perfect match.

As an upgraded member, you can also get full visibility of user’s profiles, see if your messages have been read or deleted, see who viewed your profile, the exact date and time when someone checked your profile, see who wants to meet you, enjoy POF without annoying ads and much more. POF offers practical apps for iOS and Android and unlike other dating solutions, you don’t need to link your profile to any of your social media profiles. The registration process is simple and apart from being able to connect with many people, you can also enjoy games and personality tests that will help you to refine your dating searches.

Although Plenty of Fish is available in most countries, there are many cases in which you may come across issues when you try to access the website or the mobile apps. If you are at work or school and you try to access your POF account or create an account, it is likely that you find out that the service is blocked. Work and school networks may implement firewalls and filters that prevent access to certain content and usually games, streaming services and dating websites are affected by these blocks. In order to bypass the restrictions that stop you from meeting new people or chatting with your matches on POF while you are on your break, you can use a VPN service.

VPN services allow you to change your IP address and route your online traffic through a secure tunnel that encrypts all the data. This adds a strong layer of security that will avoid third parties from seeing your personal information and find out what you do when you are online. The fact that a VPN offer protection from those who want to spy on you makes it a better option than proxies. You see, although proxies are also handy when it comes to bypassing blocks and disguising your IP address, they don’t protect your traffic with encryption. You IP address may be changed, but your online activities would still be exposed.

Since Plenty of Fish applies some strict rules, many users get their accounts banned and in that case, a VPN could also be a good solution. Plus, VPN services are not only effective when it comes to Plenty of Fish and other online dating services. They will allow you to bypass censorship, geographical restrictions and restrictions imposed in your network, so you can access videos, websites, games and all the content that is not available in your current location. In order to enjoy access to POF without hassle and securely, a VPN is the best option and here you will find a list of services that you can try.


One of the most popular providers in the VPN industry is ExpressVPN and once you discover the high quality of its service, it is easy to see why. ExpressVPN offers high encryption to protect your online traffic from security threats and it offers ultra fast servers in 94 countries. Their VPN can be used on a variety of platforms and the software is well designed, easy to use and gives you access to advanced features to bypass restrictions and enjoy POF without issues.


When it comes to protecting your online privacy from eavesdroppers and ensuring that your online activities are not accessed by other parties, NordVPN is a top choice since it offers a high level of encryption and a solid no logs policy. This means that they don’t monitor or record your data in any way. What you do online, the details of your connection and other information will remain private. NordVPN also offers good speeds and it has servers in nearly 60 countries. It is a great option to stay safe on Plenty of Fish.


Surfshark has become a favorite choice for users who want to bypass online restrictions and it is known for its high technology that can unlock content, even from services that apply strict blocks. They have servers in almost 40 countries and their no logs policy will ensure that everything you do on the internet remains truly private. With Surfshark you can enjoy fast performance to access POF and chat to people without experiencing frustrating delays. With a price as low as $1.99 a month, it proves to be a great value option.


Golden Frog’s VyprVPN is another good choice to bypass any blocks that stop you from access POF. The service uses unique technology that is capable of defeating firewalls and DPI. The service offers fast performance and reliability thanks to the fact that it runs and manages its own network of over 700 servers in more than 60 countries. VyprVPN also offers string protection for your online traffic.