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Vip72 Review

Based in the United States, Vip72 is a VPN provider that supports Proxy, Socks proxy and VPN technologies to help users to bypass censorship, geographical restrictions and to protect their internet traffic from security threats. One of the main advantages of Vip72 is that the combination of services that it offers, allow users to enjoy a versatile and secure experience. It also gives customers flexibility to choose the length of their subscription plan, so even if you only want to use the service for a week, you can. In this review, we’ll explore more about Vip72, including the controversy regarding its possible link with the Bunitu Trojan botnet attacks.

Security and Privacy

Vip72 is a service provided by VPN Technologies and while it may not be in the list of the most popular VPN services, it has been around for over a decade. Unlike other providers that offers multiple protocols, Vip72 focuses on OpenVPN. This protocol is know for its security and reliability and it works with both UDP and TCP. The encryption used is 1024-bit, which is strong enough to keep your information protected in both private and public WiFi networks. To increase the security of your connection, it is possible to use DoubleVPN.

While Vip72 claims that no logs are kept of your online activities, it also states that if a copyright infringement notice is received, the account of the user involved can be permanently suspended. In addition, they also say that in some cases, users who are found to be acting against the terms of service will be charged a penalty fee of $0.1 for each used proxy. This suggests that they may actually monitor your activities. Since the company is based in the US, it means that it is within the jurisdiction of the Five Eyes spying alliance. In addition, the fact that Vip72 was investigated in connection to the Bunitu Trojan botnet, will also raise concerns. The VPN provider came under scrutiny for using infected hosts as proxies for the service.


Vip72 is compatible with popular platforms like Windows and macOS, but at the moment, it doesn’t have apps for mobile devices. That doesn’t mean that it is not possible to use Vip72 on Android, iOS or other operating systems such as Linux, because you can manually set up the service via OpenVPN. Vip72 offers its own version of the widely used OpenVPN client so the installation process is simple.

Vip72 offers a pre-configured proxifier that allows you to connect to any proxy available so that you can access content that is blocked in your region. This option is very easy to use, but it should be noted that many of the proxies are blacklisted due to the issue with the Bunitu Trojan botnet. Security researchers often monitor Vip72, which is something to keep in mind when using this service.

Using Vip72 is not as easy as it could be. You need to access the service by going to the proxy page. There you will see different color marks. Red is used to indicate the proxy that have just been used. A lighter shade of red is assigned to the proxy that was used a while ago, while green indicates the proxy that has not been used. These color indicators are helpful because they allow you to recognize any bad proxies that may have been used earlier. Keep in mind that there are limits on the proxies/servers that are available with basic plans. When you select a proxy, a window is open and it shows detailed statistics. You can install the necessary cities/countries and then press the ActivateFilter button to get started with the VPN.

The Socks proxy service gives users the chance to access over 20,000 IP addresses in more than 10 countries. Socks proxy is a practical solution to hide the fact that you are using Tor browser. SOCKS5 is also available for increased protection, but if you are looking for a stronger level of security and privacy, the best option is to use the DoubleVPN feature. This routes your online traffic through two VPN servers, adding stronger encryption. While DoubleVPN can slow down your connection significantly, if you are looking for optimal protection, it is a good choice.

Vip72 is also helpful when you need to unblock applications, services and websites that are not available in your location. The service offers good speeds, which will allow you to stream content, enjoy online games and more. Given the security and privacy concerns that surround Vip72, it is not a recommended option for P2P. At the moment, they have single OpenVPN servers in Sweden, Czech Republic, Panama, United States, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Latvia and Malaysia. The double OpenVPN connections supported are Germany-Netherlands, Germany-Sweden, UK-France, UK-Belgium, USA-Europe, Netherlands-Luxembourg and Switzerland-Latvia.


Vip72 offers different subscription options. If you only want to use the service for a short period of time, you can go for the weekly plan, which costs $9. One month of service costs $25, while the price for the yearly plan is $265. Although the overall cost is reduced when you increase the length of the subscription, the truth is that Vip72 is quite expensive, particularly when you compare it to other services available. You can get more features, higher security and a wider selection of server locations for less. There is an option that allows you to test the service without getting a plan, but you still have to pay $1 to access it. In order to start using the service, you need to create an account, but you don’t have to provide personal details to register. You can pay using Perfect Money, WebMoney or Bitcoin.

Customer Support

Vip72’s website feels outdated and it only provides basic information, without going into much detail. There are common sections like About Us and Terms of Service, as well as a News section. However, you won’t find a dedicated area for Support or for questions from potential customers. The only way to get in touch with Vip72 is sending an email or using ICQ. The responses are often delayed and you can’t expect detailed information. The lack of professional and efficient customer support is one of the main downsides of Vip72.


Vip72 offers flexibility in terms of the technologies supported and the plans that can be chosen. It covers the necessary features to enjoy high security and bypass geographical blocks. The issue is that the service is quite expensive and when you compare with other providers that are better known, Vip72 doesn’t really offer good value for money. In addition, there are multiple reasons to be concerned about the security and privacy that Vip72 offer. On top of that, the customer support is disappointing so we would advise to consider other VPN services instead.