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Watch Shut Up and Dribble Miniseries Online

If you are a basketball and NBA fanatic, you will be familiar with LeBron James’ Showtime production – Shut up and Dribble. This show is a three-part mini-series that shows the changing roles of professional athletes in a political environment. Unfortunately, this show could only be seen and watched in the US but fret not as there are two ways you could circumvent this and could still watch your beloved mini-series. How? Read further and learn more on how to be able to access this show outside US.

How to Watch Shut Up and Dribble Miniseries Online Using a VPN

If you are living outside the US, you will not be able to watch Shut Up and Dribble Mini-series online because its broadcaster, Showtime has limited and restricted its services to the US only and when a website is restricted to a specific region, it usually bans IP addresses outside its specified region just like the case of Shut Up and Dribble Miniseries.

To bypass this situation, you will need to get an IP address that will allow you to connect and access the restricted website. With Shut Up and Dribble Miniseries, since it is geo-blocked to the US, you will need a US or American IP address.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network or more popularly known as VPN has two main functions and purpose. The first one is to encrypt your data and the second one is to re-route your internet browsing traffic through their own secured and private servers.

Another feature of a VPN is it could spoof your IP address which means your traffic is rerouted to a location of your choice. This way if a site you are trying to access is geo-restricted, you will be able to bypass this as the site will see that your IP address is from a location that they provide access to.

How to Use a VPN to Unblock Showtime?

To be able to watch Shut Up and Dribble Miniseries Online, you will need to unblock restrictions and get an access to the series. How to do is? Just follow the steps below:

1. Sign up and subscribe to a trusted and reliable VPN service provider. It is not wise to get a free VPN as this could be dangerous.

2. Download the VPN app on your preferred device such as Windows, Android, MacOS or iOS.

3. Launch the app and connect to an American Server.

4. Enjoy watching the miniseries.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is our number one recommended VPN service provider as they are very customer focused and provides one of the fastest and most efficient services. It has about 1500+ servers located around the world. You will not have any problems with connecting to Shut Up and Dribble as this VPN service provider has 13 servers located in the US.

If you have queries or encounter any problems, you need not to worry as they have 24/7 available customer service you could connect to through social media, live chat or email. This VPN also comes with a very tight security with their 256-bit AES protection and no logging policy. They also use HMAC authentication which ensures your connection will be private.


IPVANISH is based and located in the US. They offer superior and high quality service. This VPN ensures its subscribers secured and private connections. It has around 850 servers located around the world and comes with numerous functions and features such as:

* 256-bit encryption

* Supports OpenVPN protocol

* SHA512 authentication

* Internet Kill Switch

* Allows streaming through Kodi

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the veterans in the VPN industry with its 10-year experience. If you are concerned and conscious of security, Nord is perfect for you as it offers one of the highest levels of online security. It has a strict zero logs policy, 256 bit AES protocol and on top of that, they still have a doubleVPN service which would connect your online traffic to two servers. Moreover, this VPN service provider also allows its clients to simultaneously connect up to a maximum of 6 devices. If their services do not meet your expectations, you could get your money back with their 30 days refund policy.

How to Watch Shut Up and Dribble Miniseries Online Using a Smart DNS Proxy

A VPN is still the best solution to watch Showtime. However, if you are not big on security and slow internet connection, you could use a Smart DNS Proxy as an alternative.

What is a Smart DNS Proxy?

A Smart DNS Proxy allows one to access sites that are geo-blocked. It will allow you to use a dedicated proxy server and change the DNS of your device. A DNS translates the address you type on the address bar into an IP that the computer will understand.

Take note, however, though you will be able to access geo-blocked sites or channels, a DNS will not change your IP address but it will only trick the website into thinking that your DNS is coming from a region they allow access to.

Here are a few things that you will need to know about DNS Proxies:

* It will unblock specific channels. This means you will only have access to channels that your DNS provider had offered.

* You will need to configure your Smart DNS on your Device.

* You will not be able to watch any show Live. You will only get to watch it after the show had been aired in the US

* Smart DNS Proxies works on specific areas only.

Best Smart DNS

If you wish to use Smart DNS for you to be able to watch Showtime, we highly suggest you use Unlocator. It is very versatile and provides a lot of channels you could watch and this includes Showtime. It is easy to install and to set-up. They also offer seven-day free trial and 14-days money back guarantee.


With the two ways and tools provided in this article, you will now be able to watch and unblock Showtime and Shut Up and Dribble wherever you are in the world. However, take note that though VPN and Smart DNS could bypass restrictions, it will not be able to avoid or circumvent registration or subscription fees.