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WorldVPN Review

Review of: WorldVPN

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On November 28, 2014
Last modified:February 2, 2016


WorldVPN is a company that has been providing a reliable and fast VPN service since 2006. The experience and dedication to offering a great internet browsing experience, has earned WorldVPN the trust of many users that see it as an effective VPN solution. Over the last few years, this VPN provider currently based in Latvia, has grown and improved substantially and it is becoming more popular thanks to its affordability and speed. They have a good selection of servers across the world and plans to suit any budget and requirements. The focus of WorldVPN’s service is to offer a secure connection to protect your personal data against online fraud and to ensure that your privacy is not compromised. While you may not have heard about WorldVPN yet since the company is not one of the most recognized names in the industry, there are many interesting aspects to highlight about this provider. In this review you will be able to find out more about its service to determine if it is worth trying.



WorldVPN offers VPN solutions designed to suit any users that needs to enhance the security of their data, protect their privacy -or avoid restrictions to access websites and online content from anywhere in the world. Their service works with different platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Ubuntu and DD-WRT. While the configurations have to be done manually, they offer detailed setup guides for every operating system and device to help you through the process. The installation is easy and in most cases, it would only take a few minutes.

The subscription plans are designed to meet the needs of any user and the monthly cost of the service is reduced when you extend your subscription. The Budget plan starts at just $4.95 USD per month and it is restricted to 15GB bandwidth. You can save up to 30% by subscribing for a full year for a cost of $41.95. Next is the Starter Plan, which offer 30GB bandwidth for $6.95 per month or $58.95 if you extend your subscription to 12 months. The Unlimited plan as the name indicates has no bandwidth restrictions and comes with a price tag of $9.95 per month or $83.95 for one year. All these plans offer 100 mbps of connection speed, complete access to their network of servers and allow you to connect with up to three devices.

There is also a Dedicated IP plan that offers 30GB bandwidth for $10 USD per month or $84 when you subscribe for one year. You can choose one location in countries like Russia, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Finland, Romania, Sweden, Ireland and Chile. WordlVPN also offer a free trial that allows you to test their service for one hour and if you subscribe to a plan, you are covered by a 7-day money back guarantee in case the service doesn’t work for you.
PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN are supported on most plans, with the exception of the Dedicated plan, which only offers PPTP and L2TP. In the Budget, Starter and Unlimited plans, WorldVPN offers remarkable security with1024-bit encryption. The dedicated IP is an ideal solution for securing your connection while accessing online banking or online payment methods. Due the security systems implemented by these sites, you may experience issues if they detect that you are connecting using a shared IP or an IP from a different location. That is why a dedicated IP is the best option to protect your data, while ensuring that you can access websites using the same location. While OpenVPN, which is generally considered as the most secure protocol is not supported in the Dedicated option, this plan still offers a greater level of protection than a regular connection thanks to its 256-bit encryption.

WorldVPN does not keep usage logs and all connection logs are deleted every week. However, data like your IP is collected when you sign up and If you want to delete the email address used to register on the website, you will need to open a ticket to the support team. While no usage logs means that WordlVPN would not access your online activity and they accept anonymous payment methods like BitCoin, their privacy policy is not as solid as what other providers offer. Still, most users should not be concerned as the company is committed to respecting your privacy and state that they do not share any data collected with third parties.


Location and Performance

WorldVPN has a vast selection of servers located in over 38 countries including Latvia, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Netherlands, Japan, Norway, Ukraine, Panama, Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom and Hungary. They have a large number of servers in the United States, which will appeal to users that are interested in accessing services and websites that are only available there. You can switch between servers to protect your anonymity and enjoy a versatile online browsing experience. They are constantly adding new servers to offer more options for their customers.

Customer Support

One of the best aspects about WorldVPN is their efficient customer support, which is available every day of the year at any time. They can be contacted via live chat and web-based ticket support and their website also includes a helpful knowledgebase section, so you may find the answer to your question there. If you get in touch with WorldVPN’s support team you will get fast responses with detailed information.


WorldVPN is an easy, practical and simple service. While it does not offer many advanced features, it has a great selection of servers and plans tailored to suit any users’ needs. You can choose between shared and dedicated IPs to ensure that you enjoy freedom and security while browsing internet. Even though some plans have bandwidth restrictions, in general the speeds are quite good and will allow you to stream online content without issues. The prices are reasonable, even though they are not the lowest or the most convenient when compared to other VPN solutions. What makes WorldVPN stand out is the quality of their customer support and their commitment to offer a solid VPN solution.