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Best alternatives to Toorgle

toorgle alternativesThe torrenting scene has been affected by the shutdowns of multiple popular websites over the last few years. Although leading sites like Kickasstorrent have been taken down, there are still many good options available. Torrent users who are looking for alternatives that will allow them to access the content that they want, can rely on a variety of websites that offer the chance to enjoy TV shows, movies and more, for free. It is understandable that torrent sites face so many issues, given their nature and while it is advisable to opt for legitimate services, for many people this is not an option due to the cost or because the option is not available in their location. If you choose to use torrent sites and download content that is subject to copyright, it is very important that you use a VPN service. This will help you to prevent issues like warning letters from your ISP or fines. We will talk more about using a VPN with torrent sites, but first, let’s talk about Toorgle and the best alternatives to it that you can get.

What is Toorgle?

Toorgle is a torrent search engine that offers the possibility of finding a wide variety of content. It gathers the files from websites, but it doesn’t host the content itself. Toorgle is simply the solution to find the torrent files and it shows you where you can download the torrent or get its magnet link. Through Toorgle, it is possible to find content from hundreds of torrent sites. However, it is not the only option available to find the content that you want to watch. In this article, we will take a look at other search engines and torrent sites that deserve to be considered.

Toorgle Alternatives

The Pirate Bay

Without a doubt, The Pirate Bay (or simply TPB) is one of the most recognized names in the world of torrent sites. It is the favorite option for many people thanks to its convenient search option. You can easily find what you are looking for and will be able to look by category. The Pirate Bay displays information regarding the torrents, including who listed them and what files are included. You can also find reviews and information about individual torrents.


1337x was revamped not long ago and it is now easier to use than ever. It allows you to download high quality torrents and it offers links to an extensive selection of torrents. There are new options being added regularly, giving you more chances to find the TV shows and movies that you want to watch. You can see the best torrents available and find out what are the favorite torrents of the community of users.


This is a very popular torrent solution and while it has faced some challenges, it has survived and it is still one of the best options to access your favorite torrents. You will find a great variety of options including songs and videos, as well as TV shows and movies. ExtraTorrent also has an active community of users that add new content and information on a regular basis.


RarBG started as a BitTorrent tracker, but now it is one of the best places to find torrent files and magnet links. The website has been around for nearly a decade and it stands out thanks to its ease of use. In RarBG, you can find information posted by the community of users, with details being updated on a regular basis. Like other sites of its kind, RarBG is blocked in some countries including India, Denmark and United Kingdom. However, it is possible to get around restrictions with the help of a VPN.


This website is preferred by millions of users thanks to the simplicity of its browsing option. It covers a great selection of torrents in a diversity of categories like books, movies, TV series, anime and games. You can download torrents and upload them.


If you are looking for simplicity, LimeTorrents is also a a good way to get access to torrents. The website features a remarkable database and you can also find magnet links that will give you the possibility of downloading the content that you want. Similar to other sites in the list, LimeTorrents doesn’t host the content itself. However, it offers the chance to look for songs, TV shows and movies.


Here is another site that keeps things very simple, so you can focus on finding the content that you want to use. TorrentRover stands apart from other options thanks to the fact that it offers fast results. It allows you to look for content without having to put up with ads and without worrying about malware. It is possible to download content automatically with the help of the website’s advanced settings. You will also find a Quick search option that lets you find results in just a matter of seconds. You can even specify the content that you want to download.


FilesLoop is another great alternative that you can find and that allows you to find the latest torrents. It fetches data from several websites and it supports torrenting sites as well as file hosting service. You just need to create an account on FilesLoop to be able to access and download the torrents that you prefer.


Demonoid is an alternative that is very easy to use. It is another popular option that has an active community of users. Demonoid lets you find a variety of content that includes movies, TV shows, games, audio books, music and software. The website is updated in a regular basis, but keep in mind that sometimes it has to change its domain.


Instead of using a website, you can try this software, which allows you to enjoy a safe torrent experience. You can increase your privacy with BTJunkie thanks to its fantastic features and user-friendly interface. It uses a web crawler that can find torrents from popular sites including The Pirate Bay. You can access an extensive database and find the files you want.


This websote is another good solution for users who want an alternative to Toorgle. It can be used to find torrent files and it offers a great selection of features. The BTDigg interface is user-friendly and lets you enjoy access to a vast library of torrents.

Avoid risks – use a VPN

As previously mentioned, Toorgle doesn’t host the content and the same goes for the other sites mentioned in the list. However, since they allow you to find torrent files of TV shows, movies and more, copyright holders may monitor the traffic. The best option of course, is to use authorized services to access premium content, but if you decide to access this type of content, you need to protect your privacy with a VPN service. This will hide your real IP address, making it more difficult for others to trace you and uncover your identity.

VPNs use encryption to keep your activities hidden from prying eyes. Currently, you can find many services in the market, but we recommend you to consider ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish, PIA or PureVPN. These providers offer high quality and great speeds that will allow you to download content securely and without annoying delays. They protect your traffic with high encryption and they don’t keep logs of your online activities.