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Best Anonymous Chat Apps for Android & iOS

Online chats have facilitated communication, enabling people all over the world to stay in touch, without having to pay high fees. While chatting online is a convenient way to share information with others, there are privacy concerns that shouldn’t be ignored. Government organizations and large companies are known for monitoring internet users’ activities and communications are not an exception. We think that just by using a fake name, we can keep our identity protected, but that is not always the case. There are different things that you need to do in order to improve the protection to your privacy when you are online, but here, we will focus on a simple and effective solution to chat without exposing your identity. Using these chats may not protect you from online surveillance, but at least it will allow you to chat with people, without revealing your identity. We have compiled a list of anonymous chat apps that will allow you to chat without revealing who you are.

Psst! Anonymous

Psst! Anonymous allows you to have conversations with others without exposing your identity. This anonymous social network allows you to connect with other people, share information, express your opinion and much more, in a safe way. It is a practical solution to meet people with the same interests. You can discuss any topic while keeping your identity secret. The app lets you follow people secretly and you will get notifications whenever they post something. You can vote, comment and send private messages without telling others who you really are.

Once you feel more at ease, you have the chance to add people to your friend list and only they will be able to send you photos via IM. Using Psst! Anonymous allows you to chat privately, without leaving any history or traces. You can set a timer from 0 to 30 seconds to ensure that there is no sent or received message history saved. Everything is immediately deleted on the server and the device. The data is only available temporarily and it is not even possible to take screenshots. The posts are only active fir 48 hours and then they disappear. Your email is only required in case you forget your password. Psst! Anonymous is encrypted and no logs are kept.


If you want to take security to a higher level, you may prefer to try Cipher, an app that allows you to send secret and digitally signed messages with Touch ID. With Cipher, you can share personal information like phone numbers or even passwords in a safe way. The person you sent the message to will be required to authenticate using Touch ID or device passcode. This ensures that only the device owner can read your message. The app also allows you to digitally sign your message with Touch ID, which allows the recipient to know that the message was actually sent by you since you have authenticated with Touch ID or device passcode.

Cipher – Stranger Chat + Date

While it has the same name as the previous entry, this app was designed to allow users to chat with strangers anonymously and without providing phone number, email address or personal information. You will need to create a username and password to complete the registration process, but you can use any data that you want, or even select from auto-generated profiles. Cipher – Stranger Chat + Date, allows you to search for other people and it even provides secret notifications. This means that if you get a new message, it will appear as a Settings issue. The photos and videos shared through the app are stored in Hide it Pro Secret vault and not in the phone gallery. In addition, you can protect your conversations by setting up pin of password or pattern type of lock. If you phone has fingerprint, you can use it to unlock the app.

Anonymous Chat Rooms

If you want to have fun talking to strangers online, but don’t want to compromise your identity, this app by AntiChat can be the best choice. Millions of users rely on Anonymous Chat Rooms to meet new people. All chat rooms are anonymous and the messages are automatically deleted. Your real name won’t be revealed and there is no history recorded. The app is free but it doesn’t feature ads and you won’t need to worry about spam or bots. You can discuss any subject without fearing judgement and the messages you send will self-destruct after some time. It is a convenient option to meet new people and even find a possible date. If you just want to reveal a secret without exposing your identity, Anonymous Chat Rooms is a convenient solution. There are also many games available and a large list of chat sections and rooms to choose from.

Connected2.me Chat


Connected2.me is another app that gives you the possibility of chatting anonymously. It is a convenient way of chatting to people online, without telling them your name or who you are. You can create a profile without providing too much data about you and soon you can start chatting with friends, or make new ones in a safe environment. After creating your profile, you get a special anon link that you can share with friends via Twitter or Facebook, if you wish others to connect with you, but if you want to remain anonymous, you may prefer to just try the chat and talk to new people. You can chat using a nickname to protect your identity. The app is easy to use and you can easily see who is online and available for chat.



Chatous gives you the chance to connect with people from any location and to talk about topics that really interest you. The app is not focused on being an anonymous solution, but it can be used anonymously. You can also change your display name whenever you want to prevent others from tracing you and finding out your real identity. Chatous allows you to find people who share you interests and it gives you the chance to send photos, videos and audio messages that expire after certain time. Chatous offers a simple way to meet new people and it offers a great selection of features to add fun to your chats.



Scandal is another way of talking to people without letting them know too much about you. You don’t need to register to use the app, which means that you don’t need to provide personal data or your name. You can simply start a conversation with any user available and talk about any subject in an anonymous way. It is a good option if you have something that you would like to discuss with someone, but don’t feel that you can talk about it with those around you. With Scandal, you can easily meet new people in the anonymoys, random chat rooms.

Moco – Chat, Meet People


Moco by JNJ Mobile is an app that lets you chat with people in your location or anywhere in the world. You can easily chat with others, make friends, play games and more. There is a large selection of chat rooms and forums, as well as private and group chats. Video calls and voice messages are supported. The messages you sent can be customized with different themes, colors and emoticons. While the app is not focused on anonymity, it offers the chance to talk to many people without necessarily having to provide a lot of information about you. The data about yourself can be concealed to prevent others from finding out your activity.

NoName – Anonymous Chat Rooms


NoName also offers a simple way to chat online with strangers. There is no registration needed and you just have to enter any username you want to start chatting with people from all over the world. It is not necessary to provide your name, email address or other personal information. There is no even the need to remember your username or password. If you want to spend some time talking to people and maybe making friends, NoName is a good choice and it is also very easy to use. You can find like-minded people and talk to them about your shared interests. All the messages are automatically destroyed.



With PepperChat, you can chat with strangers without exposing your identity and without even having to create an account. All the messages are deleted after you sent them to someone else. Your personal information is not stored, but you need to be over 18 years old to use the app. Instead of uploading a picture of yourself, you can use an animated image. PepperChat allows you to randomly select the person you wish to talk to. There are different options to search for people to chat to. The history of messages appears in your bar only temporarily. In addition, you can easily see who is online.

Secure Private Browser


Although this app by Mirmay Limited is not exactly an online chat solution, it can help you to be anonymous. It is designed to help you to browse the internet in a secure and private manner. Secure Private Browser allows you to protect content using a passcode or Touch ID. It features a fast, full-features multi-tab browser, as well as photo and video streaming. You can download photos from your Camera Roll and share personal files by iMessage. It can be used as your regular browser, but it adds a layer of security to your activities.