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Best tools to maintain Kodi – Fix errors and clear cache

Kodi continues growing in popularity and functionality. This impressive media player works as a comprehensive entertainment center with thousands of add-ons that offer the chance to access a fantastic variety of content. You can enjoy Kodi and discover its benefits on your computer, tablet, Smart TV or smartphone. In order to ensure that you get the best possible experience with Kodi, it is important to have the right tools to maintain the software and ensure its optimal performance. Here you will find a list of extensions that will allow you to maintain Kodi and fix issues so that you can focus on enjoying all the good things that Kodi has to offer.

Apart from the tools included in the list, we highly recommend Kodi users to get a VPN. Since Kodi is an open source software, independent developers can create their own tools and add-ons. Some of these add-ons are great to bring Kodi’s functionality and its possibilities to the next level. However, some of these add-ons may represent a danger to your privacy or compromise the security of your information. This is why it is important to use a VPN to keep your data protected at all times. VPNs use encryption to keep your activities hidden, so others won’t be able to see what content you access or what you say in your conversations.

Another advantage of using a VPN is that it enables you to bypass restrictions. This technology lets you mask your IP address, so you can trick websites and applications into thinking that you are in a different location. This allows you to unlock content that is usually not available in your region. The fact that your IP address is masked also adds anonymity since your real location won’t be seen by others, and you will be practically impossible to trace. Some of the best services available are ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, IPVanish and NordVPN. They offer high security, a wide variety of servers to connect to, as well as great speeds for streaming.

Kodi Portal – For cleaning Kodi Cache

Kodi Portal Addon is a comprehensive solution that allows you to solve any Kodi issues that you may come across. This complete kit features several tools that you need for Kodi maintenance including cache clearing tool and one more that tells you what are the latest Kodi addons available. It lets you improve your experience with Kodi and it is very easy to install.

Backup Addon – Backup and Restore Kodi Tool

This is a must-have for Kodi and its ease of use and straightforward interface make it a very convenient solution. The Backup addon offers multiple features and it enables you to back-up every element of Kodi including profiles, settings and artwork. You can choose specific elements to back up or backup all data at once. You can attach the backed up data to a USB storage device or a network file sharing system. The settings can be then restored when you prefer. Here are the steps to install Back Up Tool for Kodi.

1. Launch Kodi, then go to Add-ons.
2. Select Install from Repository and Go to Kodi Add-on Repository or Download, if you are fresh installing on Kodi 17.
3. Press Program Add-ons, then find Backup and Install.
4. Now you can open Backup and start using it.

Maintenance Tool – A Comprehensive Toolkit for Kodi Maintenance

This is a comprehensive Kodi maintenance toolkit that can be used for pretty much anything that you need to do. You can use this Maintenance tool for backing up, restoring, managing system tweaks, carrying out configurations and other tasks that couldn’t be completed with the standard Kodi user interface. It allows you to boost the performance of Kodi and reduce the video buffering time. The tool comes with several tutorial videos that will help you to get the most out of it.

Log Viewer for Kodi – Precise Removal of Kodi

If you are dealing with slow performance when using Kodi, Log Viewer is a solution that you definitely need to check out. This tool will allow you to tackle the problems that can affect the performance and that are consuming a lot of bandwidth. It lets you check Kodi log files, go through the folder structure and identify issues. You can fix problems with just one button. You can get the Log Viewer addon for Kodi from the official repository.

EZ Maintenance+ Tool

This is another crucial tool to ensure that you get the best possible performance from Kodi. With EZ Maintenance+, which you can get from dimitrology repo, you can clear chache, thumbnails and clear packages with just one click. There is a fresh start option available that allows you to refresh your Kodi settings. It is possible to create a wizard for your Kodi Build and you can restore or back up your setup. There are some other good options like advance settings, maintenance, log viewer/uploader and speedtest. It is easy to use and definitely worth trying.

Merlin Wizard

With Merlin Wizard, you can solve video streaming issues that affect the Kodi software. You can clear cache, remove packages and thumbnails for a faster video-running experience. Clearing cache can really help you to improve the speed and performance of Kodi. Merlin Wizard deletes cache on a regular basis to ensure that you can improve the performance of Kodi. Merlin Wizard is available from Merlin Wizard website.

Ares Wizard

This is a good option that can speed up the performance of Kodi. Ares Wizard is a good option to chance the skin, adjust settings and clear cache to boost Kodi’s performance. Ares Wizard also lets you delete thumbnails, truncate packages, change skins, clear cache and get more add-ons without hassle. It is also a great solution to tackle the Kodi video buffering issue.

Fresh Start Maintenance Tool

If you want to keep Kodi Krypton working at its best, get Fresh Start, a fantastic maintenance tool that allows you to get rid of all the Kodi add-ons that you don’t want to use anymore. It lets you get a new Kodi as you can delete everything and return to the default factory settings. You can remove all the configuration settings, all media libraries connections, user profiles and everything else.

Indigo Maintenance Tool

Indigo is another addon that stands out when it comes to maintenance tools. It comes with a great selection of features including Factory Restore, Log Uploaded, Network, Speed Test, Addon Installer and System Information. Indigo combines multiple addons that allow you to maintain Kodi.

LEE TV Wizard

LEE TV Wizard is a cleaning tool that can help you to get rid of thumbnails, cache, old logs, packages and get a Fresh Start. It is possible to go to add-on tools to get rid of add-ons, atom data, remove add-ons, enable or disable add-ons from the wizard. There is an advanced version of things that can force update add-ons.

Smash Wizard Maintenance tool

Smash Wizard Maintenance is a simple solution to enhance the system performance. It brings together maintenance and support addons for Kodi Kypton, as well as Kodi Jarvis. It lets you clear cache, add tweaks and configure it for improved performance. While it is not an official plugin, it works really well. It is possible to install it by selecting system>file manager>add source and then you can add domain ‘http://mediarepos.org/kodistuff,’ then you can add media source name kodistuff.
Then go to the home screen>System>add-ons folder>install zip file.
Select Kodistuff and then reposmash.zip
Now, enable the add-on notification and install it from repository.
Choose SMASH Repo, program add-ons, smash wizard and select install.