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Best Torrent Websites for Music

Listening to your favorite song can improve your mood instantly and adding the right kind of music can bring life to a party. Thanks to the internet getting the music you love is easier than ever. With the best torrent sites for music, you can enjoy the tracks you love, whenever you want. Whether you prefer classical music, rock, tropical, jazz, metal or any other genre, you will find amazing tracks with the help of these websites. There are many options available that allow you to download music without hassle. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you download tracks that are subject to copyright, you could receive letter warning from your ISP or even be fines. While it is advisable that you only get public domain content, in any case it is advisable that you use a VPN to protect your traffic from eavesdroppers. A VPN like ExpressVPN allows you to download content fast and securely.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been around for quite a while and it is one of the most popular solutions to find torrents of any kind. The website has managed to survive shut down attempts and other issues and it is the leading name when it comes to torrent websites. Regardless of the music genre you prefer, you are likely to find the content that you want on this website. The Pirate Bay offers an impressive collection of torrents and music lovers will find classical, pop, opera, jazz, blues and much more.


ExtraTorrent is another well-established torrent website and it enjoy a high level of popularity. Although it has faced issues in the past like The Pirate Bay, the website is currently available and it offers access to many torrents. There is a wide variety of options available and you can find songs and videos, as well as TV shows and movies. ExtraTorrent has an active community of users so you are likely to find what you want without issues.

Sky Torrents

Sky Torrents is one of the best solutions for people who want to find classical music torrents. You can find masterpieces from the most prominent composers of all time. The website also allows you to find songs in other genres such as pop, rock and jazz. Sky Torrents has a simple, easy to use interface.


With millions of active users, Rutracker is another option that you need to consider when it comes to finding music. Although the website is in Russian, you can use a translator if needed. Rutracker has been blocked in many locations, but with the help of a vPN, you can access the website and the library of torrents that it offers.


isoHunt is another solution to find torrents that has been around for a long time and although it has faced issues, a version of the website is currently available. It stands out thanks to the fact that it offers easy browsing features and it provides access to a great variety of content. You can find a wide selection of torrents, including music torrents that can be downloaded easily.


1337x has been operating since 2007 and through a decade, it has been providing access to a vast collection of torrents. The website has an easy to use interface and it offers simple features that will allow you to download content without issues. The website has magnet links that allow you add the torrent file to your client in just a matter of seconds. It offers a good library of music torrents as well.


RARBG has been around for nearly a decade and while the website was originally established in Bulgaria, at the moment it is based in The Netherlands. With RARBG, you can get easy access to a great database of torrents that are organized in a variety of categories. It is possible to find news, comments from the community and a lot more.


iDope is inspired on Kickass Torrent and apart from offering a simple, yet appealing interface, the website is another great option to find the music you love. It is perfect for rock fans because it offers many great torrents for this music genre. With iDope, you can get torrents quickly.


LimeTorrents is another simple solution to get access to torrents and the website offers an impressive database, as well as convenient magnet links that will allow you to download the content that you want. Like other sites in the list, LimeTorrents doesn’t actually host the content, but it gives you the chance to find many songs and albums, thanks to its fantastic search option.


If you are looking for an easy to use option, consider Seepeer. This practical torrent directory allows you to find torrents for movies, TV shows and of course, music. The list of the latest torrents available is available as soon as you access the site, which is helpful if you are not sure what you would like to download. The site has an appealing interface and gives you easy access to a great selection of torrents.


YourBittorrent was previously known as Mybittorrent and the website is a well-established solution that lets you find torrents in a variety of categories including movies, TV shows, games, ebooks and music. The music section, as well as the other ones, is regularly updated so you can easily find new content to download. It is another practical solution to find the music that you love, no matter where you are.


Toorgle also offers a minimalist interface, that keeps things simple when you need to look for the content that you want to download. The search option is straightforward and you will be able to find classical music torrents without issues. The website gathers content from over 450 torrent sites so it is a practical choice to find what you need in one place.