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Best alternatives to ScrapeTorrent

If you are a torrent user, chances are that one of the options you relied on was ScrapeTorrent, or at least you have heard about it. ScrapeTorrent was a popular website to find media content and for many people, it was the best option to access and download torrents. ScrapeTorrent gave users the chance to look for torrents and it offered results form other sources. The problem is that the website is no longer available so it is necessary to look for a different option. Fortunately, there are alternatives to ScrapeTorrent that will also allow you to find and download torrents easily. Here are the bets ones.


This efficient software allows you to enjoy a safe torrent experience as it aims to help you to enhance your privacy when downloading torrents. With BTJunkie, you can share torrents conveniently, thanks to its great features and user-friendly interface. The software uses a web crawler that can find torrents from popular sites such as The Pirate Bay. BTJunkie lets you access a vast database and thanks to the fantastic performance of its search engine, you will be able to find the files you want. BTJunkie helps you to find and download content without putting the security of your computer at risk.


TreeTorrent is a great option to find content and it even claims to be the largest meta-search engine for torrents. This powerful torrent solution indexes the most popular torrent sites including The Pirate Bay and IsoHunt. Although it doesn’t actually host the content, you can search torrent files and find movies, TV series, games, music and more. Treetorrent works well and it is easy to use.


If you are looking for a website that keeps things simple and that provides a good user experience, take a look at TorrentRover. This website stands out for offering fast results from the best torrent sites including the likes of The Pirate Bay and IsoHunt. With TorrentRover, you can look for content without having to deal with ads and without worrying about malware. You can download content automatically using the website’s advanced settings. There is also a Quick search option that allows you to find results in just a matter of seconds and you can specify the content that you want to download.


When it comes to private torrent invites, InviteScene takes the lead as the largest community and its members are continuously exchanging or selling torrent trackers that you can only find here. Apart from allowing you to get access to exclusive content, InviteScene deserves recognition for its innovative design, which supports advanced features. The website is regularly updated by the community of users and you can download content safely thanks to the high encryption applied to keep your data protected. To be able to take full advantage of what InviteScene offers, a premium membership is needed.


With ExtraTorrent, you can access thousands of torrents and the website is designed to ensure that you can find the best files available. This torrent search engine offers fast results and it is easy to use. The great quality of ExtraTorrent allows you to look for specific movies and actors. The movies are organized in such a way that you will be able to find the most popular options and the latest additions. There is a vast selection of torrent links available you can also check the comments of the community to see if the torrent you want to download is actually worth considering.


Demonoid is an alternative to ScrapeTorrent that stands out thanks to its ease of use. The popularity of this torrent site has allowed to build an active community of users. Demonoid allows you to find a wide variety of content including TV shows, movies, games, audio books, music and software. The website is regularly updated and sometimes it has to change its domain, but currently it is still working and all the features are active.

How to protect yourself when accessing torrent sites

Although the websites above don’t host the content, they allow you to find torrent files that you can download to enjoy movies, TV shows and more. As such, it is likely that copyright holders monitor the traffic. While it is not advisable, it is up to you to decide if you want to use torrent sites. If you do so, it is important that you protect your privacy using a VPN service. This will disguise your real IP address, making it more difficult for others to find your identity.

In addition, a VPN adds encryption, which will keep your activities hidden from prying eyes. There are many options available in the market, but we recommend you to consider ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, NordVPN or PureVPN. These providers are known for offering high quality and great speeds that will allow you to download content without issues. In addition, they are known for protecting your traffic with high encryption and they don’t keep logs of your online activities.