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Best VPN for Bulgaria

Bulgaria combines majestic mountains and gorgeous beaches with beautiful churches and religious art. History and vibrant lifetime come together in Sofia, the country’s capital and the variety of what there is to see and do has attracted visitors from all over the world. The country successfully transitioned to democracy and in the last decades, multiple parties have participated in the electoral system and different options have won, creating the opportunity for different styles of government to be implemented. However, the country is still facing issues like corruption and organized crime. Although the media offers varied views, there is a risk of monopolization as news outlets are owned by the same people. Journalists often have to suit the interests of those who own the media outlets and they are also subject to threats and attacks.

In spite of the struggles that journalists continue facing, freedom of speech and press are protected in Bulgaria and generally the government respects these rights.
Over 58% of people in Bulgaria use the internet and the government doesn’t restrict access to online content. There are laws that aim to protect privacy and in general, the government doesn’t interfere with online communications. Still, in certain cases, the authorities can request data directly from ISPs and other providers, without a court order. In addition, it should be noted that Bulgaria’s Gambling Commission has blacklisted numerous websites. If you want to keep your privacy protected and bypass restrictions in order to access websites and services that are blocked in Bulgaria, you need a VPN.

VPNs are the most practical solution to defeat restrictions and they only help you to keep your online traffic protected from eavesdroppers and other threats. The encryption that a VPN brings to your online data will stop others from seeing what you do when you are connected to the internet. There are many advantages of using a VPN including the possibility of getting around geographical blocks implemented by streaming services like Hulu. You can connect to servers located in many other countries and enjoy content that is usually not available in Bulgaria.

To help you enjoy a secure and versatile experience, we present the best VPN services for Bulgaria.


With NordVPN you can enjoy strong protection for your privacy and keep your online traffic secure from threats. NordVPN is based in Panama and it offers a zero logs policy, which means that they don’t monitor or track any aspect of your usage of the service. NordVPN has over 1100 servers in over 60 countries, including Bulgaria and countries like United States and United Kingdom, which allows you to access popular content that usually is only offered in that location. If you just want to enhance the security of your internet traffic, but don’t want to change your IP address to a different country, you can connect to NordVPN’s servers in Bulgaria.


ExpressVPN allows you to enjoy security and it offers fantastic speeds so that you can overcome restrictions without issues. ExpressVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands and it is also a fast VPN solution that will allow you to stream or download content, as well as enjoy online games without experiencing annoying delays. At the moment, they have servers in over 90 countries, including Bulgaria, in case you don’t want to change your location but just want an extra layer of security and privacy for your traffic. ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activities.


PureVPN has an extensive global coverage and the list of countries supported includes Bulgaria. To be exact, they have two servers in Sofia. PureVPN is based in Hong Kong and it has servers in 141 countries in total. There are many options nearby Bulgaria that you can connect to. PureVPN also offers strong encryption and it doesn’t keep logs of your online traffic. There are affordable plans and the service comes with many convenient features. PureVPN doesn’t keep logs of your activities.


Buffered is a provider based in Hungary and it is a good option for those who want to overcome internet restrictions. It keeps your security protected and thanks to the fantastic speeds supported, you can stream content without issues. With Buffered, you can defeat censorship and secure your internet traffic with strong encryption. At the moment, Buffered has servers in 46 countries and Bulgaria is one of them. New options are regularly added to offer a more flexible browsing and streaming experience.