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How to create Chinese Apple ID without credit card in seconds

Given China’s position as a leading economy and technology hub, it is not strange to see that the Chinese App Store offers a remarkable selection of apps. Chinese companies focus on innovation and they are constantly offering new solutions. There are many great Chinese apps that would be highly enjoyed by users around the world. However, there are some apps that are only available in the Chinese version of the iTunes store. If you want to download free apps from the Chinese App Store you would need to create an alternative Apple ID with Chinese details. In this article, we will take a look at the steps that you need to follow in order to be able to download apps from the App Store in China without requiring a credit card. Before we go through the steps, it is worth looking at some examples of the content that you can find exclusively on the Chinese App Store.

You can find paid game apps such as Gumballs, Give it Up. Shadow realm 2, Take Risk, Underground castle dark Awakening and Hitman Sniper. There are also free games incluidng Dragon Nest, Happy mahjong, King of Glory, Dragon Nest, Happy to eliminate and Gluttonous Snake. Popular titles like A Chinese ghost story, Onmyoji, Naruto Mobile and Fantasy Westward Journey.

How to register Chinese Apple ID without a credit card

You can easily register a Chinese Apple ID to get access to the App Store in China. The main thing is that you need to enter a phone number and billing address. If you get an error stating that the App is only available in the Chinese App Store, or you are unable to find the app you are looking for in your local App Store, it is likely that the app is subject to geo-restrictions. Here is what you need to be able to create a Chinese Apple ID: Your iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPad Touch), a PC, an address in China and Chinese phone number. If you can’t understand Chinese language, you can go to Settings, then General, select Language & Region and then set the language as English. There are websites where you can find addresses and phone numbers in China. Now, let’s check the steps that you need to follow.

1. Log out your previous Apple ID and then select one free app to install

2. Tap the option to create a new Apple ID to set up a Chinese Apple ID

3. Select China as the Apple ID region and then tap on “取消” to make the App Store show apps in China iTunes Store. This is why you are creating a Chinese Apple ID without a credit card.

4. Select one free app to install, then tap on Create New Apple ID. Enter the email address, password and agree to the terms.

5. Enter the name, security information and date of birth.

6. Select 无 as payment. If you are unable to find this option, go back to make sure that you followed the previous steps correctly. If you completed the steps correctly, but can’t see the 无 (none) option, connect to a VPN server in China. There are multiple VPN services that offer the possibility of changing your IP address to appear as if you were in China. Some of the providers that have servers in China and that offer a reliable solution are: PureVPN, HideMyAss and VPNArea.

7. Enter the Chinese address to create a Chinese Apple ID to access the App Store in that country. You can use an address such as the one below:

Address: /大兴区 黄村镇车站北里32楼4单元102室 (Huang Cun Zhen Che Zhan Bei Li 32lou 4dan Yuan 102shi)

City: 市区-大兴区 (City Area – DaXing District)

Postcode: 102600

Region: 北京市

Province: Shanghai

Phone: 13063887176

8. Access your email to check the verification code. Once you enter the code, a pop up page will appear saying that a verification email was sent.

9. Log in to the Chinese Apple ID that you previously created. You will get an alert message letting you know that the Apple ID is only valid for purchases in the Chinese App Store and that you will be switched to that store. Once all the steps are completed, you can create a Chinese Apple ID without having to use a credit card. If you are still unable to setup a Chinese Apple ID without credit card, there is an alternative. You can buy the Chinese Apple ID.