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Best VPN for Fanduel

If you love sports and wish to be more than an spectator, joining a fantasy sports league is an option that lets you get into the action without having to spend hours training. FanDuel is a very popular fantasy sports website that operates in Canada and the United States. It gives you the possibility of adding even more fun to the sports that you follow closely. FanDuel will give you the possibility of feeling like a professional coach and it caters for fans of the NBA, the NFL, the NHL and other major sports leagues. Once you create an account, you can choose a contest, select your players (from a list of real stars of your favorite sport) and if your team gets a high score, you could win real cash prizes.

Although it is also possible to play for free, most players are interested in the contests that offer cash prizes. The problem is that this option is not available in some states including Iowa, Montana, Washington and Idaho. While users in these states can access FanDuel and play contests that don’t require an entry fee, they won’t be able to play for cash. This is due to the lack of clear laws about fantasy contests in these states. In order to access FanDuel’s cash prize contests in the restricted states, you can use a VPN to change your location. However, it is important to keep in mind that FanDuel has implemented a strong system to prevent the use of VPNs and Proxies.

If you are considering using a VPN to access FanDuel’s cash prize contests, it is important to keep in mind that bypassing FanDuel’s geo-blocks is against their terms of service so just be aware of the risks involved. Their system is designed to prevent the use of VPNs and other tools and it is likely that some IPs known to be associated to these services are restricted. Although the providers in our list can be an effective solution to defeat restrictions and to disguise your VPN traffic to avoid detection, it is advisable that you take some measures to keep your connection secure. (link)

Before accessing FanDuel, check that your VPN is set up correctly and test for DNS and IP leaks to make sure that your actual IP address and location are not being exposed. Don’t visit FanDuel’s website when you are not connected to a VPN. This is crucial because if you access the website from Iowa and a few minutes later connect to a VPN server to change your location to Florida, they will notice that you are spoofing your IP address. Of course, it is also available to use a server in a nearby state, but make sure that you always connect to your VPN before accessing FanDuel.

The below VPN providers have a good selection of servers in the United States and they also offer a high level of protection for your online traffic. These services are designed to prevent that your real IP address is leaked. They offer important features like Kill switch, which automatically shuts down all internet traffic when the VPN connection fails. This ensures that your real IP address is not revealed, even if the VPN connection drops at some stage.


ExpressVPN is a reliable solution to keep your online traffic protected and to disguise your IP address. They have servers available in states that are not subject to restrictions on FanDuel. You can connect to servers in California, Florida, Georgia and Illinois. ExpressVPN is also known for offering impressive speeds and a strong level of security. In terms of customer support, ExpressVPN is recognized for the professionalism and efficiency of its team. Their service includes a kill switch solution that prevents your actual IP address from being exposed.


VPNArea is quickly becoming a favorite for users who want security and flexibility when they connect to internet. The provider has over 200 servers in 60 countries, including United States and Canada. What sets them apart from other options available is the strong level of security that it offers and its great selection of features such as kill switch, anti-DNS leak, anti-WebRTC and anti-IPv6 leak. VPNArea, allows you to defeat restrictions and the high speed servers available in its network, will allow you to play online games without issues.


PureVPN has a large selection of servers in the United States. They cover states where you can access all the contests in FanDuel including Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, California, Georgia and Florida. PureVPN also offers a kill switch to protect your real IP address and it has an extensive network so you can always find a server to connect to. The plans are affordable and you can expect a strong level of security and efficient customer support.