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Best VPNs for Foxtel Go

Australian company Foxtel offers pay TV and broadband and it has been operating for over two decades. Foxtel allows subscribers to watch a variety of premium content including movies and popular TV series like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Additionally, they have a great sports selection and viewers can enjoy all the action of the NRL, European Rugby, international cricket matches, football and much more. Thanks to the free Foxtel Go app, users can stream their favorite TV shows or live sports events available as part their subscription plan, while they are on the go.

You can watch your favorite content on your mobile device (iOS or Android) or on your computer (Windows, Mac) as long as you have an internet connection. However, Foxtel Go is subject to geographical restrictions, which means that if you travel outside Australia, you won’t be able to access the platform. Due to the agreements that Foxtel Go has with copyright holders, the content they offer can only be accessed within Australia. This is a problem for paid customers who travel constantly and who don’t want to miss important matches or the latest episode of their favorite TV show.

Although Foxtel Go applies geoblocking in order to comply with their agreements, customers affected by these restrictions may feel that it is unfair that they can’t access the content they pay for. If you want to get access to the content that Foxtel offers when you travel outside Australia, the best option is to get a VPN service that has servers in that country. This will allow you to appear as if you were connecting from Australia, even if you are abroad on holidays or on a business trip. A VPN disguises your IP address, allowing you to bypass geographical blocks in order to enjoy the content you want to watch.

Proxies can also mask your IP address, but there is an important feature that they don’t support and that is:encryption. VPNs are the most complete solution for internet users who want to defeat geoblocking and protect their privacy. Unlike proxies, VPNs can make your online traffic private as they encrypt it to prevent that your ISP, malicious hackers and other parties, get access to it. Additionally, VPNs are more effective when it comes to bypassing the restrictions that streaming services implement to avoid access from outside the specific region that they support. Here are the best options to enjoy Foxtel Go, no matter where you are.


purevpnlogoPureVPN has over 20 servers in Australia, distributed between 3 major cities: Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. You just need to connect to one of the servers in Australia and Foxtel will think that you are there, which will allow you to watch your favorite content without restrictions. Their global coverage is very impressive so if you are looking to access other locations, you won’t have any problems since they have servers in 141 countries in total. Additionally, PureVPN has a feature specially designed to improve your streaming experience and the price of the plans is very affordable.


ExpressVpnExpressVPN offers fast performance and a good set of features that will allow you to bypass geographical blocks effectively. ExpressVPN is known for its superb connection speeds, which makes it a great solution for streaming. With ExpressVPN your traffic is protected with strong encryption. Although the prices of ExpressVPN’s plans are higher than what other providers charge, the cost is justified by the remarkable quality of the apps, the good customer service and the reliability of the network. You can connect to their servers in Sydney and Melbourne and watch content from Foxtel without issues.


vyprvpnsqGolden Frog is a Swiss company with an extensive experience in online security solutions. VyprVPN is Golden Frog’s VPN service and it is designed to give you a fast and reliable way to bypass online restrictions and keep your connection secure. One of their best features is their exclusive Chameleon technology, which allows you to avoid ISP blocks, censorship filters and geo-location restrictions. VyprVPN also protects your data with a strong level of encryption. They have servers in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.


buffered-logoBuffered is a Hungarian provider that is continuously updating its network to provide the best possible experience for all its customers. Currently, they have servers in 37 countries and of course, Australia is one of them. Buffered allows you to enjoy a high level of security and at the same time, it provides good speeds to ensure that you can stream content or play online games without major delays. Their client is easy to install and user-friendly. Buffered is another effective solution to unblock Foxtel Go when you are not in Australia.


vpnareaVPNArea has over 200 servers in 60 countries, including Australia. They offer a fantastic selection of security features such as kill switch, anti-DNS leak, anti-WebRTC and anti-IPv6 leak. With VPNArea, you can overcome geographical restrictions easily and the service also offers a great level of security. Their high-speed VPN will allow you to stream content from Foxtel Go, no matter where you are. VPNArea is also known for its professional and knowledgeable customer support.