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Best VPN for Knights and Dragons

Brave knights, ferocious opponents, castles and of course, dragons, are all great elements for a fantasy role playing game. Knights and Dragon, a game developed by Gree brings you an entertaining experience that allows players to build their own team of heroes to take part in epic quests and battles to defeat ancient monsters. You can lead your team through an adventure as you explore new lands and conquer your fears to get powerful gems. It is a free-play experience that lets you develop fighting abilities, collect weapons, armors and other items that will help you to get ahead in the game. You can form alliances, train pets and improve your skills and equipment to make your team stronger and lead your knights to victory.

The game is available for iOS and Android users and it offers different options to play so you will be entertained for hours. Whether you fight against legendary beasts, embark on quests to find treasures, or challenge other players in real-time combats, Knights and Dragons will take you through an enthralling world. The game lets you live the fantasy of being a knight as you can have you own castle, tournament arena and a variety of customization options to make your character unique. There are hundreds of items and knights to unlock, which will help you to defeat your enemies. You can play with your friends and fight against powerful adversaries together, or test your combat skills as you participate in weekly PvP games.

Why do you need a VPN for Knights and Dragons?

If you love epic games and quests and want to enjoy all the action of combats and PvP battles on your mobile device, Knights and Dragons is a great option. The great thing about mobile games is that they can be played anywhere you are. The problem is that while nowadays it is easier to find WiFi networks to connect to when you are on the go, there are some places where games like Knights and Dragons may be blocked. For instance, if you are at work or school and want to play during your break, you may find that the game can’t be accessed. It is very likely that these networks implement firewalls that prevent users from accessing certain websites and most games.

With a VPN, you can bypass these blocks as you can connect to a server that disguises your IP address and secures your online traffic. In some regions, access to the game may be blocked for other reasons. Whether the game is not available in your location due to geo-blocks, censorship or network restrictions, a VPN can be an effective way to overcome these constraints and play the game, no matter where you are. Another reason why players of Knights and Dragons may want to consider using a VPN is that it gives you the option to get free gems. In the Knights and Dragons store, it is possible to acquire free gems just by watching Video offers or completing some tasks. However, the offers are determined by the location from where you are accessing the game.

In order to unlock more offers and increase your chances of getting free gems, you can use a VPN to change your location. This will give you access to more video offers than the ones available in your region. One thing to keep in mind is that although Gree’s terms of Service don’t state that the use of VPN is prohibited, some players have reported that they have been banned after using a VPN for farming gems. Although these reports are not recent, it is worth keeping this in mind. Overall, if you are using a VPN to bypass network restrictions or geo-blocks to play, or just because you want to keep your connection secure, you shouldn’t have any issues. To enjoy Knights and Dragons securely and with more flexibility, you can rely on the following VPN services.


VyprVPN has servers in over 70 global locations and since they manage their own network, they can provide reliable performance and great speeds. This VPN service offers high quality software and technology that allows you to bypass restrictions effectively. Chameleon is a solution that can disguise your VPN traffic and defeat any restrictions that prevent you from playing Knights and Dragons.


When you choose ExpressVPN as your provider, you can expect great speeds, flexibility and great customer support. This VPN service is also known for offering a great level of security and for the high quality of its software. Their mobile apps are fantastic and have all the features needed to enjoy a secure and versatile experience playing Knights and Dragons. Currently, ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries.


With PureVPN you can get access to a large network of servers, covering 141 countries. The VPN provides fast speeds, good security and it is capable of bypassing restrictions effectively. The service is optimized for gaming, streaming and other tasks that require good speed. PureVPN has easy to use software and its mobile apps are very convenient. The price of the plans is affordable, so overall, it combines all the aspects to be a good choice for Knights and Dragons.


Buffered gives you the perfect combination of security, speed and reliability. This provider has a strong commitment to privacy and it is continuously working to offer advanced technology to bypass restrictions. They have servers in 37 countries and offer easy to use, yet sophisticated software that will help you to defeat blocks. With Buffered, you can enjoy great speeds for Knights and Dragons