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Best VPN for NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket is a popular sports package that allows NFL fans to enjoy the action of all the games during the season. The option is ideal for those who follow a team, but are unable to watch the games in their local station. NFL Sunday Ticket offers all the regional Sunday afternoon games produced by major networks like CBS and Fox. The service is only available in the US for DirectTV customers, which also makes the games available on internet. Outside the United States, NFL fans can access Game Pass and Game rewind, which lets you watch the game after it has taken place. In Canada, there are multiple satellite and cable providers that offer the service, while in Mexico and other countries in Latin America, the service is available for SKY and DirectTV subscribers.

Not being able to watch the games when they travel outside their country is a problem that many users have to face. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss the matches when you travel for business or when you go on holidays. If you have a subscription that allows you to access NFL Sunday Ticket, you can use a VPN service to watch the games, even if you are outside the US. A VPN allows you to set up a secure tunnel to direct your traffic through a server in the United States. This will give you the possibility of watching every game of your favorite team when you are abroad.

VPN services combine security and flexibility since they encrypt your traffic to protect it from eavesdroppers and at the same time, they enable you to bypass geo-restrictions. You don’t have to miss any moment of the season’s action, no matter where you are because a VPN will let you disguise your location to defeat blocks. You will appear as if you were connecting from the United States so there won’t be any issues when you try to stream games live. Keep in mind that since NFL Sunday Ticket is a package that requires subscription, things may be more complicated for those who live outside the US and want to access the service from their country.

The option for viewers outside the US is to subscribe to a cable or satellite operator that offers NFL Pass. In order to select the best VPNs for NFL Sunday Ticket, we have taken into consideration aspects like speed, ease of use and network of servers. The providers in this list offer reliable performance, great clients for multiple platforms and of course, they have servers in the US. Below you will find the best options to enjoy a secure connection and defeat geo-blocks to watch games on NFL Sunday Ticket while you are travelling.


ExpressVPN gets top marks thanks to its great speeds, which makes it the perfect option for streaming content. This reliable VPN service will allow you to watch NFL games without any issues since it has servers in multiple locations in United States. ExpressVPN allows you to connect to servers in cities like Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta. The desktop software and the mobile platforms are excellent and you can also enjoy a SmartDNS solution as part of the service. ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee and your online activity is not logged.


While VPNArea is committed to offer a high level of security for its customers, the service is also designed to offer impressive speeds. The security features include kill switch (which ensures that your actual IP address is not revealed, even if the VPN suddenly disconnects), DNS leaks and IPv6 leaks protection. The speeds for streaming are great and you can connect to servers in the United States and in other 59 countries. Their network is regularly being updated and they allow up to 6 simultaneous. connections.


The global coverage of PureVPN is impressive as they have servers in 141 countries. In the US, they have presence in different cities, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Tampa, Miami and New York. PureVPN is a great solution for watching NFL games online since it has a feature that is specifically designed for streaming. You can enjoy a seamless and fast streaming experience. PureVPN also offers great software for different platforms and the price of the plans is very convenient.


VyprVPN by Golden Frog is another great solution for NFL fans who don’t want to miss anything from Sunday Ticket. They offer an exclusive technology known as Chameleon, which is designed to disguise your VPN traffic effectively. You can defeat firewalls and Deep Packet Inspection to get access to the content you want. They have over 700 servers in more than 50 countries. In the US, they cover multiple cities including Miami, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Private Internet Access

PIA is ideal for users who need to stick to a tight budget since it offers incredibly low prices. Although PIA is a cheap option, the quality of the service is very good and it allows you to connect to over 3200 servers across 24 countries, including United States. PIA also offers kill switch and it blocks ads, malware and trackers. They don’t keep logs of your online activity. They allow you to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.