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Best VPN for School

Focusing your attention and leaving all distractions aside when you are attending a class, or preparing for an exam is very important. However, even the most disciplined students can benefit from some time off to relax and avoid becoming overwhelmed by stress and exhaustion. Watching fun videos, catching up with your favorite TV show, play online games or chatting with your friends are some of the options to take your mind off studies for a little while and relieve stress. Everyone needs a break, but the life of a student can be quite hectic and you may have no time or money to go out, which is why the internet becomes a convenient source of entertainment.

The issue is that many schools have implemented restrictions on their networks to ensure that students remain focused on their assignments. Although the measure intends to make sure that you don’t get distracted, the restrictions are in place all the time, meaning that even if you are taking a break after completing your tasks, you won’t be able to access online streaming services, VoIP/IM applications, games and other similar options. Many websites and applications that are ideal for helping you to take a rest are blocked by schools. While it is understandable that they try to make sure that you don’t neglect your studies, these blocks can be very frustrating when you have some spare time.

To make matters worse, sometimes these restrictions even affect content that has educational value and that could be very helpful for your homework. The tools used by school admins to implement restrictions are not always accurate, and as a result, the websites and services that could come handy for research may be blocked. Even YouTube, which is likely to be blocked, has some videos with information that could be useful for your school work. In summary, the restrictions may not only affect your entertainment options, they can also limit the sources that you can use for research.

Unblock content at school

The good news is that you can use a VPN to overcome the blocks implemented in your school network. VPNs are more effective than other methods such as proxies because it is likely that the network administrators have already something in place to block the use of proxies. However, there are VPN services that use advanced technology that makes them more difficult to disable, and they are designed to defeat even strict firewalls that are preventing you from enjoying true online freedom. With a VPN, you will get the chance to access websites and applications without restrictions while you are at school. In addition, your online traffic will be encrypted, keeping your privacy protected from hackers, network administrators and anyone else who may try to monitor what you do on the internet.

In order to unblock social media websites, IM apps, streaming services and more, it is important to choose a reliable VPN service. The options in our list will help you to overcome the restrictions that stop you from accessing content at school, and they will also keep your online activities and confidential information safe. If you want to access content that is not available in your country, a VPN is also an effective solution. All you need to do is to connect to a VPN server in the location where the content is offered. This will open you the door not only to more entertainment services and fun content, but also to more information that could be useful for your studies. Here are the best VPN services for school.


In general, VPNs can slow down your connection due to encryption that they apply to protect your data. However, ExpressVPN has managed to combine ultra fast performance and security effectively. You can defeat restrictions and enjoy content that has been banned in your school network. They have servers in 94 countries and no logs of your online activities are kept. Although ExpressVPN is more expensive than other options available, it is worth considering given the quality of the software and the great speeds that it offers.

Private Internet Access

Thanks to its affordable plans, PIA is an ideal solution for students. Their annual plan costs $39.95, which means that the monthly cost is just $3.33. Opting for a low priced VPN like PIA is way more practical than using up your mobile data as an alternative to your school network. PIA works on all major platforms, including iOS and Android so you will be able to enjoy your favorite apps and bypass restrictions while you are on the go. They don’t keep logs of your online activities and have servers in 25 countries.


PureVPN is one of the most popular providers in the VPN industry. It has an extensive network of servers and advanced technology that will allow you to bypass restrictions at school, or anywhere else. They have over 750 servers in 141 countries, giving you access to an incredible selection of content from around the world. PureVPN doesn’t log your browsing, your conversations, or any of your online activities. If you pay for 2 years in advance, the monthly cost is just $2.95.


VPNArea has been in the market since 2012, and it is another reliable solution to unblock content that has been blocked by your school network admins. You can connect to servers in 68 countries and the list of features supported is remarkable. With VPNArea you get DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection and anti-WebRTC. In addition, they have a no logs policy. The software is easy to use and you can enjoy good speeds for streaming, gaming and more. VPNArea is an effective solution to protect your internet traffic and to enjoy online freedom. If you get an annual plan, the price per month is just $4.92.