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Best VPN for Italy

italy vpnThroughout History, Italy has had a great influence in the world through its contribution in arts and culture. Thanks to its rich heritage, beautiful landscapes and delicious food, millions of people visit this European country every year. While Italy is a modern country in many aspects, there are some areas in which it is way behind other European nations. According to some reports, Italy is one of the countries in Europe with the lowest levels of press freedom with unreliable news reporting. Censorship in Italy may not be as evident or strict as in other parts of the world, but it is still a concern for citizens and visitors that want transparency and freedom to access information.

While freedom of expression is protected by the Italian constitution, media monopolization, corruption and restrictions on individuals, have contributed to affect political and civil rights in the country. Even though internet is more trusted by users in Italy as a source of information than other media channels, it does not scape from online censorship or filtering. This mainly applies to some gambling and P2P websites but there have been instances in which the blocking has been used for political purposes. It is believed that more regulations are under development to control and monitor internet access. Proposed laws may prevent opposition or independent press from expressing their opinions against the government or improving on the critical level of current censorship.

Additionally, Italy has played ball with SOPA and struck hard against pirate websites by having ISPs block access. Unfortunately, it did not stop at piracy and plans to develop their own unrestricted program struck concern from all around the globe for having drastic measures and powers, and making any accused party of piracy to be guilty until found innocent.

In order to defend the right to access internet freely and to share their opinions without restrictions, many users in Italy have opted for using a VPN service. This technology enables them to bypass any blocking and to protect their privacy and anonymity in order to express themselves without concern. Users in Italy may not face the same risks that affect those who live in countries with stricter regulations but they are not immune to eavesdropping. A VPN can secure your connection and at the same time, it offers the possibility of accessing websites and services that are not available in Italy. With this said, it should be noted that the NSA has spied on Italian communications for many years, and that it may be wise to use external servers, versus Italian ones, for when privacy is of utmost concern. Now that you know why you should consider using a VPN in Italy, find out what are the best options you can choose from.

Best VPNs for Italy

IPVanish (Our Review or Visit site)

As a Tier-1 VPN provider, IPVanish stands apart from the competition due to the fact that they manage their own network of servers. The team behind IPVanish have a strong background in internet services and they are recognized for offering a great technical support. With IPVanish you also count on advanced encryption and flexibility to ensure that you get the most out of your internet browsing.

HideMyAss (Our Review or Visit site)

HideMyAss is a well-established name in the industry and its impressive network of servers give you the chance to enjoy a versatile online browsing. You can switch between 701 servers in over 200 locations in 105 countries, ensuring that you can access all the content that you want to watch and that you can change your IP address whenever needed. The company also offers practical solutions such as free proxy and anonymous email.


AirVPN (Our Review or Visit site)

Founded in 2010 by a small group of Italian activists who were concerned about online freedom and privacy rights, AirVPN is a service that can help users to access internet without restrictions. They offer affordable prices and advanced technology to protect your privacy and ensure that you can enjoy a good online browsing experience. Their speed and reliability are exceptional and their interface is clear and easy to use.

CyberGhost (Our Review or Visit site)

CyberGhost is an innovative provider that offers impressive performance and fast connection speeds. Their high level of encryption can also protect your connection and ensure that your privacy is safe. CyberGhost has a wide selection of servers and its service is reliable and affordable. They allow P2P downloading and do not keep logs of your online browsing. Their Premium service lets you connect to their service in up to 5 devices simultaneously.

StrongVPN (Our Review or Visit site)

The vast experience of the team in charge of StrongVPN is reflected in the great speed of their service and high quality of their software. They also offer excellent technical support for their customers. While there are some limits on the servers you can switch between, StrongVPN is still a good solution for many users thanks to their secure service and reliable