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Strong Vpn Review

Review of: Strongvpn
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VPN Critic

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On July 16, 2014
Last modified:October 11, 2016


StrongVPN started offering services as a VPN provider in 2006. Yet the history of the company goes way back, as they have over twenty years of experience providing online security services. That vast experience and knowledge of internet services make this California based company a reliable option when you are looking for a serious VPN provider. Their growth has been quite continuous and stable.

Nowadays they come with an extensive network and a solid organization. This enables them to provide highly skilled technical support and advanced infrastructure. StrongVPN is specialized in top notch fiber network bandwidth and aims to offer high quality customer service.

While they do not have a free trial offer, they do have a 5-day money back guarantee.



StrongVPN is compatible with most the most popular operating systems: Linux, Windows and Mac OS. They can also be used with HP webOS and Sabai. Their service supports OpenVPN as well as PPTP, L2TP and SSTP.

Prices are different depending on the choice you make between OpenVPN and entry level PPTP service. Their VPN clients works with iPhone, iPad, laptops, desktop computers and android tablets or smartphones.

Unfortunately, StrongVPN does not allow you to switch between servers as much as you wish. Their plans offers a set amount of switches, between 25 to 30.¬† If you want additional switches you’ll need to pay a fee that ranges from $5 (for 10 additional switches) to $15 (for 30 extra switches) per month. This may considerably increase the price of their services.

Considering that other VPN providers offer unlimited switches as part of their packages, this is the downside of StrongVPN.


Location and Performance

The company manages 450+ servers, with the majority located in the United States, more specifically in San Francisco. The rest of the servers are distributed globally in 43+ countries that include Malaysia, Switzerland, Latvia, Luxembourg, France, United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore. As a result, they have a large amount of IPs in each location to help you protect your anonymity.
However, as mentioned earlier, the number of switches is limited. Same goes for the locations and severs available to connect, which depends on the plan your chose. Their basic plans will only allow you to connect to a few servers in about 4 countries.
The good news is that the speed is consistently good. As a result, it helps to ease the inconvenience of limited server options.

Customer Support

You can reach their customer support team every day of the year, twenty four hours per day. They are fast to respond and they have a strong understanding of the products. Customer support can also help you choose a plan for your specific needs.
Additionally, they can be contacted through email with dedicated support for sales, billing and technical support. They also have a useful online forum and blog that are regularly updated. You an also speak to them through Skype.


The experience and advanced knowledge of the team behind StrongVPN is evident. The fact they have been working in this area for such a long time confirms them as a trustworthy option. Their customer support is professional and helpful and their website offers a good amount of useful information.

Unfortunately, the restrictions to switch between servers and the limited selection of locations are disappointing. This really puts the company at a disadvantage when compared with other, more flexible options.