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Hillary Clinton’s Email was not Hacked, Claims Former Aide

In a bid to help the hopeful candidate for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton, one of her former aides during her stint as the secretary of state has said that Clinton’s email account was not hacked.

Hillary Clinton’s Email was not Hacked, Claims Former Aide

The New York Times reported that Bryan Pagliano presented security logs to the investigators that showed that there was no evidence of any outside influences. Pagliano, who is trying to make a deal with the Federal Bureau of Investigations helped set up the system in Clinton’s New York home. He is trying to cut a deal for limited immunity with U.S Department of Justice in exchange for his full partaking in the email setup inquiry.

He worked on Hillary Clinton’s failed attempt at being president in 2008 and was then hired by the former First Lady when she was the Secretary of State working as a technology specialist and maintaining Clinton’s email server. They did, however, part ways in 2013 when Clinton left the post and he stayed on.

The news might come as another boost to Hillary Clinton who comes off from this week having beaten her opponent in a convincing manner in the just ended Super Tuesday vote. She now has a convincing lead against her fellow Democratic rival Bernie Sanders.

The email inquiry and scandal still, however, continues to overshadow her campaign for Presidency. She states that she did not know that she was doing anything wrong and that she had belief in the U.S Justice system that it would not found her guilty. She apologized for the arrangement.

The information that Pagliano submitted showed who had access to the email servers and when they did though the information was not advanced enough to capture if there was any more professional hacking. Pagliano worked at State Department’s Bureau of Information Resource Management as of last September and left soon after, said a spokesman for the department though he, however, decline to say when he had left and why.

The investigators (FBI agents) who had all but finished examining the computers and other physical evidence as part of the inquiry are also arranging interviews with any of the former Secretary of State former aides and would even like to ask her some questions as they move forward with their investigation. They would also look into the email server which was put by Pagliano and see what security measures were installed to protect confidential and sensitive data.

Efforts to contact the FBI representatives were to no avail as they decline to comment on the investigation. Pagliano’s lawyer also did not respond and the Clinton campaign said they were happy with what was going on.

All in all Hillary Clinton can mark this week as a victory week.