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How to watch Celebrity Big Brother outside United Kingdom

Sarah Harding from Girl Aloud became the winner in the latest edition of Celebrity Big Brother and people are already speculating about the cast for the 2018 version of this popular reality TV show. Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother have been running on for many years, but there is still a lot of interest in these shows, particularly in the Celebrity edition since it offers the chance to find out how actors, singers and other personalities behave when they have to live together in a house with barely any contact with the outside world. If you live outside the United Kingdom and want to watch Celebrity Big Brother on your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet/smartphone, Mac, Windows PC, Apple TV and more, there is an option available. In this article, we will present the steps that you can follow to watch Celebrity Big Brother even if you are not in the UK.

Watching Celebrity Big Brother outside the United Kingdom

Celebrity Big Brother airs on Channel 5 and it can be streamed online via My5, which also offers the possibility of catching up with other Channel 5 shows. The problem is that if you are not in the UK and try to access the My5 website, you get an error message letting you know that it is only available in the UK. But there is no reason to give up because you can unblock your favorite content with the help of a VPN. This technology allows you to change your IP address so you will appear as if you were connecting from the United Kingdom. You just need to connect to a server in that location to be able to access services that are only available there.

Although proxy services also allow you to change your IP address, it is advisable to use a VPN because it is more reliable and because it offers added security. There are free VPN services, but it is advisable to go for a paid option because you will enjoy better speeds, higher security and reliable performance. Once you have selected a VPN service, you need to connect to a server in the UK. Since this is a popular location that offers content that many people want to watch, most VPN providers have servers in the UK. Once you connect to a server in the UK, your IP address will be changed and you will appear as if you were actually located in the UK. Here is a list of VPNs that you can consider.


Buffered is a provider based in Hungary and it offers an effective solution to help you to keep your privacy protected. It allows you to bypass censorship and restrictions so that you can access content that is usually not available in your location. Buffered’s service is fast, secure and it provides high technology to get around any blocks that prevent you from watching your favorite shows such as Celebrity Big Brother. At the moment, they have servers in over 40 countries, including the UK, of course and they support up to 5 simultaneous connections.


PureVPN is based in Hong Kong, which is a good location for online privacy and freedom. One of the main selling points for PureVPN is that it has servers in over 140 countries, which offers many options to access international content. They also have features that will help you to bypass restrictions easily, without putting your privacy at risk. PureVPN also has options that facilitate streaming. Their two year plan provides great value for money because the monthly cost is less than $3. You can connect to up to five devices at the same time.


ExpressVPN regularly appears in the list of the best providers in the industry for different requirements. Since it has a network of ultra-fast servers, you can stream content without worrying about annoying delays. Currently, ExpressVPN has servers in over 90 countries and you can have up to 3 simultaneous connections. In addition, your online traffic is protected with strong encryption and ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activities. ExpressVPN is loved by many users thanks to its amazing speeds and the high quality of its software. They have servers in the UK and offer great speeds to enjoy Celebrity Big Brother without hassle.


Another good solution to bypass geographical restrictions and enjoy security when browsing the internet is TorGuard. This provider stands out thanks to its unique stealth servers that allow you to avoid Deep Packet Inspection and firewalls. In addition, the provider offers Viscosity software as part of its plans and the strong encryption applied will ensure that your information remains safe when you are online. They have servers in over 50 countries, including United Kingdom. TorGuard doesn’t keep logs so your privacy is protected.