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I hacked Hillary Clinton’s email server, and it was easy, claims Romanian hacker

A Romanian hacker, who goes by the name Guccifer, and reportedly targets politicians and respective aide’s claims that he managed to successfully hack the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s email server.

I hacked Hillary Clinton’s email server, and it was easy, claims Romanian hackerGuccifer said that he had managed to breach the personal email server for Hillary Clinton, who is currently leading the race for the nomination for the Democratic Presidential race. The hacker also added that the act was really easy, and goes on to tell Fox news in an interview that even if it had been anyone else the hacking would have been easy also. Apparently he managed the hack back in 2013. It has not been shown if his statement is true or not.

Clinton and email servers have had a frosty relationship so far. The issue of email servers and her email activity when she was serving as the Secretary of State of USA has been put under investigation. During the period she served in the official capacity, she had a private email server installed at her home in New York. The FBI is investigating whether any top and classified information passed through her private server which is insecure instead of the secure given government email servers. She served as Secretary of State between 2009 and 2013.

Whether Guccifer is telling the truth or not at this moment is still unknown. He does, however, a reputation as a hacker who tends to attack politicians email accounts and leaking their contents for all to see on the Internet. Back in 2013, he reportedly hacked into Sidney Blumenthal’s account, Bill Clinton’s former aide. In his interview about hacking into Hillary Clinton’s email account, he said that he had gained access to her account from Sidney’s account.

Guccifer, whose real name is Marcel Lazar, was then arrested in 2014 and was indicted by a federal judge in the same year. He is currently in a detention center in the US, in Virginia where he gave the interview with Fox about his works. He is soon going to face trial in September in the US. He has pleaded not guilty to nine counts of alleged hacking crimes.

Fox News, which interviewed Lazar, said they could not verify the boisterous claim that he had managed to hack into Clinton’s account twice. Especially since he did not release any of the contents from the time he hacked the email. When asked why he didn’t release anything, he said he had not seen anything of interest in the email account.

He did, however, say proof was contained in the Guccifer Archives which were published by The Smoking Gun back in 2013. His decision to claim he hacked into Clinton’s email servers when he pleads not guilty is bizarre.

The Clinton campaign has denied the hacking claims and said there was no reason to believe this criminal from a prison cell. His decision to not post his findings is according to the team proof he did not succeed.