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New malware about elections wants you to pay $50 to be able to vote

A bogus computer scam which charges interested parties to pay $50 to be able to vote in the upcoming US election has been dong the rounds lately and frankly, it’s insane. The campaign is falsely being promoted under the CIA name and it is being dubbed the ‘Official CIA Election AntiCheat Control’.

New Irongate malware solely targeting the industrial systems which cities rely onThe security team, MalwareHunter Team was the one which was able to uncover the program and all the details which might be lined with it. After the malware is installed it will close all the common processes on the device, and after that will display one big and frightening message on the device.

The message notes that unless you go and pay $50 in one of the PaySafeCard options directly to the CIA or the FBI, then the registered name of the user which is on the house address election vote will expire and then made invalid. If someone was gullible enough to believe that, then sorry to hear that. The perpetrators must have known how the CIA and FBI works because they put the standard procedure for large intelligence organizations in their plan.

The malware could be though of in a way as ransomware, if you look at it from the aspect that they want you to pay something to be able to do something that is entirely free. Luckily however, the software is not able to encrypt your files such as ransomware, therefore you can be safe from that, and also the malware does not have anything to do with the voting control capabilities. One good anti virus program, some Windows skills, or in some cases one simple reinstall is enough to remove the virus.

However, the problem might be there for the older people who have troubles with the new devices which in their own opinions are too sophisticated. The older generation might also be a targeted demographic because of their wide interest in such issues and politics and their inadequate knowledge of the Internet. For those who don’t have the malware, continue exercising vigilance and put adequate security measures in place to be able to protect yourselves.