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Overplay VPN Review

Review of: Overplay VPN
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On November 7, 2014
Last modified:February 1, 2016


UK-based VPN provider OverPlay has become very popular due to its advanced technology and innovation. The company has a solid network of servers located across the world, ensuring that every customer can enjoy a fast and reliable service, regardless of where they are connecting from. The ease of use and high level of security it offers, are some of the aspects that make OverPlay a VPN service that is worth considering. OverPlay aims to make things simple for anyone who wants to get back their online freedom, getting access to all the content they want to see while protecting their information. With OverPlay you can expect a good quality VPN service. Here is more of what this provider offers.



OverPlay is focused on offering a solution to access online entertainment from anywhere in the world, but it also offers great options to ensure that your data is secure while you navigate internet. Their services are divided in two packages: SmartDNS and Global VPN. SmartDNS is the ideal option for people who are mainly looking to watch media content or access websites from other countries, without any loss of speed. It doesn’t offer the level of security that VPN can provide but it is the right choice for using online streaming services that are not available in your location.

If online security is what you want, then you need to opt for the VPN service. With OverPlay VPN you can encrypt your connection and ensure that your data cannot be accessed by third parties. OverPlay VPN supports security protocols such as PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN, which is widely recognized as the most secure option. You can use OverPlay VPN with a diverse selection of Operating Systems and devices including Windows, Linux. Mac OS X, as well as Android, iPad and iPhone.

Security is maintained through 128-bit CBC -Blowfish encryption when you connect using OpenVPN. Users also have the option of selecting encrypted or non-encrypted VPN profiles and there are dedicated servers for online gaming. OpenVPN is supported in every server and some also support Microsoft’s SSL based SSTP VPN. Using OverPlay will also protect you from your ISP’s Deep Packet Inspection, meaning that they would not be able to monitor your internet traffic or slow down your connection

When it comes to speed, the tests confirm that OverPlay provides a fast and reliable service. When you use a VPN, the regular speed of your internet connection is affected due to fact that your data is encrypted and redirected through a secure server. However, when your provider offers a wide selection of servers you can expect an improved VPN experience. This is because when you have more servers to choose from, you can connect to one that is nearby and get a better speed.

While you would get a considerably slower connection when you use distant servers, local servers should not have a significant impact on the normal browsing speed. We tried OverPlay with US and UK servers (which are popular options due to the streaming content services like Netflix or BBC iPlayer), and were able to get satisfactory speed results. Keep in mind that as previously mentioned, if streaming content is your main interest, SmartDNS is the best option for this purpose as it lets you enjoy the same speed that you get from your regular internet connection.

The SmartDNS and the VPN packages are conveniently priced and you can choose the one that better suits your needs. The SmartDNS package costs $4.95 per month and it lets you modify the DNS settings to avoid geo location restrictions without requiring a software. It is perfect for online surfing and streaming media without barriers. For those who want a complete solution to secure their connection and enjoy more flexibility while browsing internet, the Global VPN package is the way to go. This package costs $9.95 USD per month. You can also subscribe for 3 months and pay $27.95, six months cost $52.95 and for one year, the total cost is $99.95.

Bitcoin is not an available method of payment at the moment, which may be disappointing for those looking for complete privacy and anonymity in every aspect of their VPN provider. However, OverPlay does not keep logs of your browsing history and only connection times and data usage totals are recorded for a limited amount of time.


Location and Performance

OverPlay is proud of having an impressive selection of servers that can help users to get the most out of their online browsing. The company is continuously updating the list of servers but they already offer great coverage around the world. Their servers are located in countries like Australia, UK, Canada, Egypt, Singapore, Russia, United States, South Africa, Netherlands, Japan, Greece, Germany, Israel, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Mexico, Ireland, Finland and Czech Republic.

Customer Support

The website is easy to navigate and offers a clear FAQ section, as well as useful guides to set up the VPN service in different platforms and devices. You can contact the support team via live chat, which is available 24/7. It is also possible to contact them through ticket support system. When we contacted OverPlay, their response was fast and helpful. However, the experience doesn’t seem to be consistent for all customers as many have reported poor responses or delays to address their issue. Since a top customer support is crucial for any company, we hope that OverPlay pays attention to the feedback from users and ensures that all queries are dealt with in an efficient and professional manner.


The highlights of OverPlay include the easy to use software and the fast and reliable connection. The fact that the plans are divided according to their functionality, makes things simple for customers as they can choose the service that offers what they are looking for. Even thought there are options that are more affordable, OverPlay’s prices are reasonable and users are able to cancel at any stage. OverPlay provides many advantages but it may not be the most suitable solution for those who want an option to fully protect their anonymity. Not only they do not offer Bitcoin as a method of payment, but users are also required to provide personal information to sign up. However, for most users this would not be a deal breaker as security and privacy are still maintained since no activity logs are kept. If you want a solid service supported by the latest technology, OverPlay will be a solid choice.