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Astrill Vpn Review

Review of: Astrill VPN

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On November 8, 2014
Last modified:February 1, 2016


Founded in 2009, Astrill is a provider registered in Seychelles that offers a convenient range of VPN solutions. The company is recognized for the quality of its services and products, which include VPN routers, as well as options designed for businesses and individuals. Astrill has created an easy to use personal VPN service, but it has not sacrificed advanced features in the process. This is a provider that will please those who are not very familiar with VPN technology, as well as experienced users. With Astrill you will enjoy a good selection of options, strong performance and detailed information to help you get the most out of their service. Here is why this VPN provider is considered by many as one of the most solid options available in the industry.



Astrill offers great compatibility and its service can be used with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. The fact that Astrill has a VPN client specially designed for Linux, makes the company stand apart from many of its competitors. When it comes to devices and protocols supported, Astrill gets once again ahead from other VPN providers by offering a great list of options that are not available with most companies. Astrill works with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, DD-WRT, Tomato and a wide selection of routers.

The protocols supported include regular options such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, and also additional alternatives like OpenWeb, StealthVPN and Cisco IPsec. This variety of protocols gives you more flexibility to enjoy your internet connection. In case your ISP blocks a protocol, you can easily switch to a different one. All the VPN protocols supported by Astrill offer a secure connection that protects your anonymity online. Your data is protected with up to 256-bit SSL encryption, ensuring that you enjoy military grade security.

Video Accelerator and WebCache are two interesting features that can improve your media streaming experience. With Video Accelerator, you will enjoy amazing speed while watching HD videos from streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and more. This feature works in combination with WebCache to provide an incredibly fast VPN service that allows you to watch online content without delay. VPN services tend to slow down your internet connection, meaning that streaming content online can take longer than usual. Thanks to Video Accelerator and WebCache, Astrill gives users the chance to keep their connection secure without affecting their access to media content. Another great feature is NAT Firewall, a packet filter that strengthens the security of your connection. It protects you from malicious internet traffic as it avoids third-party access that could affect your computer.

Astrill also offers users the possibility of getting fully dedicated IPs on some of the servers. There is also an option to choose which applications should be directed through the VPN connection and which can use your regular connection. This handy Application filter is a great solution when you need to access certain websites or services that don’t work well when if you use a VPN, for instance online banking. There is also port forwarding available so you can choose which ports are to be forwarded and which are to be blocked.

In general, speeds are satisfactory and you will notice that even when you connect to a distant server you will still be able to get a fast performance. The fact that Astrill allows users to switch between protocols is an advantage that can improve the speed of your connection. For instance, if you choose OpenWeb, there will be only a slight impact on your normal browsing speed. While OpenWeb is not as secure as OpenVPN, it is a great option for streaming online content or for general browsing.

There are three options available for users that wish to subscribe to the personal VPN service. The cost for three months of Astrill VPN service is $29.95 USD. For six months, you pay $39.95, while the price for one year is $69.95. By choosing the yearly subscription, you can save money as the cost per month would be just $5.83. All plans offer unlimited bandwidth, access to all the servers in their network and the possibility of using the service in two devices simultaneously. Astrill also offers a 7-day money back guarantee. Privacy concerned users can subscribe with confidence as Astrill keeps no logs of your online activity or your communications.


Location and Performance

Astrill has over 180 servers located in 53 countries including Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Indonesia, France, Turkey, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Panama, Saudi Arabia, China, Philippines, Serbia, Slovakia, Ireland, Czech Republic and Finland. They regularly add new server to their network in order to make your experience with Astrill even more versatile.

Customer support

Astrill’s website contains a lot of useful information including a detailed knowledge base and a wiki. You can find instructions to set up the service in different platforms, as well as video tutorials. If you need to contact their customer support team, you can email them, call them or get in touch through their live chat. Astrill customers count on the helpful assistance of a skilled support team that is easy to reach and very efficient.


Thanks to a great set of features and an excellent customer support, Astrill has gained recognition as a good solution that will suit customers with advanced requirements, as well as those who are using a VPN for the first time. The service is easy to use and while is not the most affordable option available, the prices are still very convenient. There are providers that offer a stronger service for even less, but overall Astrill is a decent option that combines security and functions that will help you to enjoy online content without any hassle.