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Snap VPN Review

Snap VPNFree VPN services are very popular since people have become aware of the importance of keeping their information protected, but at the same time, many don’t want invest on a lengthy subscription. Being able to keep your data protected without having to pay anything sounds very appealing, but free VPNs simply can’t offer the same level of security that you can get from a premium service. Still, if you are looking for an easy to use solution that lets you add at least more protection for your traffic, even a free VPN can be a good option. Snap VPN is one of the solutions that you can consider, particularly if what you want is to get around restrictions while using your mobile device. Snap VPN by Lemon Clove, has an app for Android that has been downloaded by thousands of users around the world. The Android app is a practical solution to get around geographical blocks when you are on the go, but is Snap VPN really worth considering? We’ll find out in this review.

Security and Privacy

In terms of security, Snap VPN uses Open VPN protocols (UDP/TCP) to protect your online traffic. This adds protection to your browsing activities, but don’t expect the highest level of security. Free VPNs like Snap VPN can’t provide military grade encryption, unlike premium solutions that invest money and resources on top security and advanced encryption technology. Snap VPN does add some level of protection, but it is mainly designed as a proxy solution that lets you overcome restrictions. It should also be noted that their privacy policy mentions that data is collected and it offers extensive information regarding the way in which this data is used. Free VPNs and proxies are not exactly free. Like any business, they need to support themselves in some way and if they are not charging customers for the service, it is likely that they are using other options like ads or selling your data to third parties. In the case of Snap VPN, they use third-party ads to support the service. It should be noted that while their privacy policy states that they don’t keep logs of your onlien activities, they also mention that P2P is not allowed and that anyone who is found to be downloading torrents would be blocked. This means that they do monitor your online activities in some way, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to identify those who violate their policies.


Snap VPN supports unlimited usage, which means that although it is a free VPN, there are no limits imposed. Usually with z free VPN, you have to put up with usage or speed restrictions, but Snap VPN promises fast performance that allows you to stream content, without limits. The app is also designed to be easy to use and there is no need to create a username or to set up a password. Once you download the app, you can start using it without having to complete a registration process. Snap VPN also aims to provide reliability and stability, by offering a wide selection of servers. You will be able to defeat firewalls and geographical restrictions implemented in your locations. If your school or work network has filters in place that don’t allow you to access certain content, you can try Snap VPN to bypass them.

Snap VPN combines the convenience of a proxy solution with the encryption of a VPN. Apart from giving you the chance to overcome restrictions and enjoy good speeds, which are advantages that you get from a proxy server, Snap VPN also protects your online traffic from hackers and eavesdroppers. It is particularly useful if you are connected to a public WiFi network. These networks generally lack security and are more likely to be attacked by malicious hackers since they have vulnerabilities that are easy to exploit. By using Snap VPN, you can bring protection for your internet traffic and avoid attacks on your privacy. You will be able to browse the internet without exposing your identity since Snap VPN also hides your real IP address.

Since Snap VPN is aimed at users who have little or no experience with VPN or proxy technology, the service is focused on ease of use. This is why it includes a feature that will automatically connect you to the best location for your needs, taking into consideration your current IP address. The service is compatible with LTE, WiFi, 3G and all mobile data providers. Overall, Snap VPN is easy to use and it has earned high ratings in Google Play. If you are mainly looking for a way to get around restrictions in order to get access to the content that you want, Snap VPN is a good choice, but it is important to keep in mind that it is only suitable for Android users and that in terms of security it is not the strongest solution available. While it uses encryption to secure your connection, you should not rely solely on Snap VPN to protect your privacy. In addition, it doesn’t support P2P or BitTorrent.

Customer Support

Snap VPN provides support via email and Facebook. If you have any questions, you can reach out to them, but since the service is free and doesn’t have the same resources and amount of staff that large providers have, you will probably have to wait for a long time before getting a response.


Snap VPN is suitable for Android users who want to overcome restrictions and enjoy a safer browsing experience when they are connected to public WiFi hotspots. The service works well overall when it comes to unblocking websites. While it offers fast speeds for streaming, the performance is inconsistent and you may notice lags when you try to use Snap VPN to unblock videos. Plus, the service won’t allow you to bypass Netflix’s restrictions. You can’t use it for torrenting and if you are in China, Snap VPN won’t work for you as their service doesn’t support this country. In spite of the downsides, if you need an easy way to unblock a website on your Android mobile device, Snap VPN is an option that you can try.