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Best Sports Add-ons for Kodi

Most of the top sporting events are only available through premium channels, but live streaming options offer a convenient alternative for those who have decided to cut the cord. Kodi is perfect for fans who want to enjoy exclusive matches, major competitions, the most anticipated fights and any events taking place in the world of sports. The downside of relying on Kodi to get your sports fix is that most of the add-ons get the content from unauthorized sources. As a result, many of the Kodi add-ons focused on offering access to sports events, have been eventually shut down. In order to avoid issues, the best thing would be to pay for a TV or online subscription that is authorized by copyright owners. If this is not a viable option for you and you decide to use third-party Kodi add-ons, keep the risks in mind and protect your privacy with a VPN.

Using a VPN is an effective way to protect your privacy because it applies encryption to your internet traffic. This scrambles the data, making it impossible to read for others. Even if your ISP is trying to see what content you are watching, or what websites you visit, they won’t be able to find out. Apart from directing all your traffic through your a secure tunnel, a VPN also disguises your real IP address. This helps you to keep your identity and real location hidden from other parties. In addition, VPNs allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship. If a stream you want to access is blocked by your ISP, you can get around the blocks by connecting to a VPN server in a different location. Online freedom and privacy are the main advantages of using a VPN so we highly recommend Kodi users to get a good VPN service such as ExpressVPN, IPVanish or NordVPN.

Best Sport Add-ons for Kodi

cCloud TV

cCloud TV is not only focused on sports. It offers a great deal of entertainment options thanks to the fact that it is supported by an active community of users. They regularly contribute adding new streams so you can always find something interesting to watch. There are sports streams that you won’t be able to find in other Kodi add-ons. The list of channels is organized by country to make things easier when you are choosing what to watch.


SportsDevil is the favorite option for many Kodi users who love sports. This popular add-on offers great coverage of multiple sports and it is very easy to find something to watch, thanks to the well-organized interface. There are different categories to choose from. SportsDevil is definitely worth installing and thanks to the variety of options and the practical search, you won’t have any issues finding what you want to watch.

USTVNow Plus

With USTVNow, you will be able to watch content from major networks in the United States such as NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox. While it is not focused on sports, it offers a lot of great options when it comes to sports coverage. It also brings you a great selection of TV shows, news and movies.

WWE On Demand

Wrestling fans need to take a look at this fantastic add-on that brings you a lot of content focused on the hugely popular WWE. You can access replays from old fights, as well as the most recent PPV events. WWE On Demand allows you to watch your favorite stars in action. There are classic events and the latest blockbusters available.

Plant MMA

The popularity of Mixed Martial Arts has increased significantly over the last few years. Many viewers around the world are looking forward to the UFC events to enjoy all the action that they offer. Planet MMA is a Kodi add-on that allows you to enjoy the main events such as Fight Night Live, UFC Fight Night, Ultimate Fighter Series, Contender Series and many more. If you are into MMA and want to stay up to date with all the major events, make sure that you get this add-on.

Halow Live TV

Halow Live TV is a great place to enjoy football, as well as others sports. In addition, it offers music, live TV and movies. You can watch all the action of your favorite sports just as they happen, and will also be able to check sports replays. The streams are usually very good and available in high quality. Halow Live TV is a reliable solution to enjoy entertainment at home.


Sportie is one of the latest sports add-ons out there and it provides a wide selection of sporting events including football matches, fights, NBA matches and much more. It is another option that you need to check out.

Pro Sport

Pro Sport is an add-on that relies on Reddit, so it doesn’t host any content. There are many Reddit communities that offer a great deal of live streaming options, meaning that you will always find updated streams from large online communities. It is another comprehensive solution to enjoy sports at home via Kodi.


NFL fans can take a look at Bennu, an add-on that lets you watch games with high quality. Bennu is a great option to stay up to date with NFL action. If you are unable to watch certain games on other channels due to broadcasting rights, you are likely to catch them via Bennu.